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How to Help Your Kids Have a Happy, Healthy Summer


Now that spring is in the air and summer is fast approaching, many parents are looking forward to the opportunity to help their kids make up for the lost summer of last year. With socializing with friends back on the table soon and plenty of places keen to welcome back visitors, you might already have a few plans in the works.


That being said, whatever you end up doing in the summer, it is important to remember that there are still precautions that will need to be in place as well as some summer-specific healthcare measures to bear in mind. If you want to have a great summer, staying healthy is an essential priority. This is especially true when it concerns your children. 


With so much anticipation on your part as well as on that of your kids, you should look to ensure that the summer is going to be as fun and healthy as possible. Here are just a few tips to help you achieve these goals so that you and your family can make the most of the warmer months ahead.


Sun Protection


Aside from the considerations that will have to be made regarding the spread of germs and viruses, you can’t neglect to remember to put sun protection at the top of your list. Younger kids have skin that is more sensitive to the damaging rays of the sun, so you will need to have some quality sun protection on your side this year.


Childrens sunscreen is always a good place to start. You want to go with a kids sunscreen that is friendly to sensitive skin but strong enough to get the job done. Once you have that covered, you will want to get some fun summer hats and sunglasses ready to go for those days out and about. 




One big change that always seems to come out of nowhere at some point during the summer is a sudden and drastic rise in temperatures. Things can go from warm to incredibly hot quickly, so you will need to be prepared when it comes to keeping your kids properly hydrated.


When things really heat up, make sure that your children are drinking plenty of water throughout the day. While some sportsdrinks can be great for replenishing electrolytes in particularly active kids, make sure to choose varieties that don’t contain high amounts of sugars and other undesirable additives. 


Another great way to encourage your kids to drink more water is to infuse it with fresh fruit. This will give a light and refreshingly sweet taste to water that they will love, so you don’t have to keep reminding them to drink up.


Hand Washing


After so much time away from social situations with friends and family, your children are likely eager to start getting together with their peers. When the socializing of the summer really kicks up, it is important to impress upon your kids how important it is to wash their hands thoroughly on a regular basis.

Photo by Yulianto Poitier from Pexels