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The Environmental Benefits of Bamboo Clothing


We always are concerned with our environmental footprint and there are lots of ways to help reduce them. 

When most people think about reducing their environmental footprint the first thing that usually comes to mind is energy conservation, which is a great way to start.  However, there are also other things that we can around the home, that can make a great impact as well.

Conserve Water

When we use water at home, especially hot water, we produce waste water.   By lowering the temperature on water heaters we can help reduce that waste.  Inspecting pipes and equipment for leaks is important as well.  I have low flow showerheads in my home that help conserve water.  

Choose Environmentally Friendly Clothing

Do you realize how much of our clothing and underwear winds up in landfills?  We all know that used underwear can not be donated, nor do a I think most people would want to wear someone else’s used underwear.  Many undergarments are made from materials that are dependent on fossil fuels, such as polyester and nylon. There are better alternatives and benefits of using bamboo clothing and bamboo underwear.  Bamboo clothing is naturally antibacterial and keeps you odor free and smelling fresher.  It also is one of the softest fabrics.  Bamboo pulls moisture away from the body so it keeps ya feeling dry.  Bamboo clothing is great at insulating.  It helps keep us feeling cooler in warm weather and warm in winter months.  Bamboo is hypoallergenic.  Natural bamboo doesn’t cause allergic reactions.  It is also a natural UV protectant and helps protect skin from UV rays.

Recycle and Reuse

Look for extra ways to reuse and recycle around the home.  Before throwing away cardboard and plastic items in your home, see if there are ways that you can reuse them.  Paper towel and toilet paper tubes are often used by art teachers.  Call your local school and Boys and Girls Club,  and see if their art programs accept donations of these types of products.

Car Pool

Driving to work each day can be expensive, especially with the price of gas these days.  Get together with coworkers who live nearby and develop a car pool.  Use public transportation when you can.  Talk to your employer about working from home a couple of days a week.

Buy Local

Purchasing from local farms and farmers markets helps to reduce emissions as less transportation is needed for shipping foods.  Better yet, plant your own garden and reap what you sow.  Growing your own vegetables is both relaxing and rewarding.

What are other ways you can help to reduce your environmental footprint? Think about it and feel free to comment with ways you do.