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The Notebook House: Before and After 3D Interactive

If you love The Notebook movie as much as I do, you are going to love getting an online 3D interactive and breakdown of the beautiful house from the movie with before and after photos!

About the Home

The home from the movie, that was used for filming, is located in Wadmalaw Island on a point of land overlooking the Wadmalaw River.  This is near Charleston, South Carolina.

The home is a key part of The Notebook movie and is a central part of the entire plot.  It’s where they first come together as a young couple and fall in love.  It is also where Noah returns to Allie after the war. Most importantly, it is what brings the couple back together again after Noah’s renovations are mentioned in the local area newspaper.

The Reunion

When Allie saw Noah’s photo in the newspaper with the finished house, she fainted. Later, she decided to take a trip out to see the house herself, even though she was engaged to someone else.  Here she reunites with Noah, after seeing the painting room and realizing how much of the restoration was rooted in the love he had for her.

The Restorations

Allie always dreamed of having a painting room, so Noah made sure to build exactly what she wanted. The windows of the room overlook the water, and the easel is set to be up with a canvas.

Noah put so much time and effort into restoring the home.  He updated the color, showed love to all of the details, from the shutters to the second story porch.  His attention to those details are what won Allie’s heart again. 

This is the side porch where Noah reads to Allie on that warm summer night, after they reunite.  It has a beautiful porch swing.  That side door leads to the kitchen where Allie watched Noah say goodbye to Martha as she washed dishes.

Want to see more restoration photos, and learn more about the renovation history of The Notebook house? Visit