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UK Artist Toni Thornton is Quickly Making a Big Impression


Toni Thornton is quickly becoming a familiar name in the world of art. Her beautiful abstract paintings are making a huge impression on anyone who has had the opportunity to view them.  Her wonderful use of color and design, in her own unique style, are what people are falling in love with.

After launching her art studio, Toni Thornton Art,  in 2017, little did Toni Thornton realize, that when she created her Instagram account, she would have risen to fame so quickly.  Her beautiful art pieces are created using inspiration of the spaces surrounding where they will be displayed.  


Toni Thornton studied  Art through Leeds Arts University and the University of Huddersfield.  She is  also a qualified teacher of Art and Textiles at Secondary level. In the ever changing world of social media platforms, Instagram quickly became the perfect platform to showcase her designs. “I was initially asked to create a series of bespoke pieces for a new home project and since then I have been privileged enough to produce Artwork for home and interior spaces and projects all over the world; including here in England, America, Amsterdam, Australia, Canada, Germany, Spain and more. I am so excited to continue growing collectors all over the world.”


Having a highly developed sense of texture and surface, Toni finds inspiration for my paintings from many sources. Often the marks within her paintings are inspired by the very space that the artwork is to be displayed; for example, when creating bespoke artworks for existing properties, she is able to see the room, feel the space, gather inspiration and find beauty in the items already within it. This could be the knots hiding in the wooden staircase, the marble running through the fireplace, the linen allowing partial light to trickle in through the window, which set the tone for the artwork itself. She also draws much of her inspiration from the rural land, looking at landscapes, wildflowers, and hidden bays.

Each piece of artwork you see at has been lovingly designed and created to add elegance, drama, decoration, and interest to any space. With roots stemming from mark making, textiles and surface pattern, my artwork offers abstract layers and unique compositions, each with depth and an abstraction which allows the painting to be perceived differently by every viewer.

Limited Edition Artwork

Toni is available to create quality, limited edition fine art prints and bespoke artwork that is unique to you.  You can contact her for more information, or you can visit her website, which  allows you to shop the latest collection of original paintings and also high quality Giclee canvas prints in a range of color palettes and framing options to suit your style and space. 

All of the original pieces you see on the website are one of a kind. This includes framed canvas prints which are of limited edition and only 100 of each painting will be produced; these prints will be hand signed and numbered once purchased. Along with artwork, on the website, you’ll also find a lovely range of luxury cushion covers, each carefully hand finished with beautiful piping detail.

Buying artwork can be daunting, however at Toni Thornton Art, they are always there to help. Artwork can add that finishing touch to bring the interior d├ęcor together. Remember, if the prints available there aren’t perfect for you, you could contact them to commission a bespoke piece of art unique to you; there’s more examples of bespoke works on Toni’s Instagram page too. Be sure to follow her for all of her latest art pieces.

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