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What to Do Before Traveling With Your Pet

Whether you are planning to take an extended trip abroad or are moving to another country, traveling with your pet can be incredibly overwhelming for both you and your furry friend. To avoid leaving your pet behind when you go away, here are some top tips to make traveling across the world with your pet a little easier:

• Go to the Vets

Before you take your pet abroad, it is paramount that you take them for a visit to their local vet’s surgery. A check-up at a vet’s surgery is important to make sure that your pet is well enough to travel and that they do not have any infectious diseases that they could take abroad with them. Not only this, but there are certain vaccinations that your pet needs to have before they can travel to another country or even apply for a passport, and your vet can make sure that they receive the right ones. Then, you should book an appointment at to see what they can do for you and your furry friend.

• Get a Pet Passport

However, your pet cannot simply set a paw onto a plane. Instead, they will need the correct documentation to do so, such as a pet passport, and so that they can avoid any quarantine measures when they land. Luckily, getting a pet passport is relatively simple. All you need to do is to get a health certificate from your vet and then send the required paperwork off to the State USDA office for approval. This paperwork could include an import license, as well as proof of worming treatments, microchipping, and a rabies test. 

• Look at Pet Travel Accessories

Traveling with your pet is not all about the documentation,though, and you also need to make sure that your pet is comfortable throughout the trip. To do this, you should look around for the best pet travel accessories that are on offer. For instance, you might consider buying a spacious carry case, a pet seatbelt, or a GPS tracker that could be helpful if your pet gets lost while you are abroad, especially if you are going on a hiking or adventure trip. 

• Train Your Pet

To prepare your pet for the journeyyou should make sure that they are fully trained. As well as following basic commands that can keep them safe and well behaved in the airport, you should also consider setting up practice runs that can simulate the sights and smells that your furry friend may come into contact with throughout the trip, especially if these are different to the settings that they experience on a day-to-day basis at home. 

• Look at Pet Travel Insurance

You will also need to invest in pet insurance and pet travel insurance that can ensure that you are covered if an emergency occurs while you are away. For instance, you will need to have travel insurance for your cat or dog if they become ill and need medical care before you can return home.