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5 Things to Consider Before Renovating Your New Home



Renovating your new home is an exciting time. You can start everything fresh and create the space you want to live in. However, if you rush the process, you could end up getting it wrong. This article is a reminder of all the things you need to consider before renovating your new home. 


Your budget


The first - and most important - thing to consider is your budget. Presumably, you have already paid for the house (or at least the first payment on the mortgage) and you have some money left over for the renovation. Budgeting for a home renovation can be difficult because there is a lot to consider - materials, labor, furniture, appliances. It is always best to overestimate every cost in your home renovation. No matter how hard you try to get it right, you will almost always end up over budget. 


Your timeline 


Now that you have considered how much it is going to cost, you need to work out how long it will take. There are all sorts of factors to consider when it comes to your timeline - the availability of tradesmen, where you are going to live in the meantime, etc. Like the budget, you should overestimate the timeline as well. It can be tempting to move in before the work is finished but it is really not worth it. 


Spend time in the space


If you have already bought the house, you have probably spent time in the space. But it is always good to spend some real-time just thinking about the space. Before you make big choices like paint colors, carpets, and furniture, you need to visualize how it is going to look when it is finished. This might not seem like the most crucial step, but it can help you make big decisions. 


Start with the kitchen 


When you are embarking on a messy renovation project, it is always good to start with the kitchen. From a practical standpoint, the kitchen renovation is going to create the most dust and debris and you do not want all of that ruining your new carpets and furniture. You can also then use the kitchen to make refreshments throughout the rest of the renovation. Then, it is also worth considering that the kitchen is one of the most valuable parts of a house. A high-end kitchen can completely change the value of a house, so you can protect yourself in case you need to sell. Check out the granite surfaces at to get you started. 


How the house will flow 


Flow is extremely important to how a house feels. The Chinese call it Feng Shui and it relates to creating a balanced and well-organized space. If you are new to house renovation, it is not the easiest thing to master. Just make sure you do not over-crowd the space with too much furniture and visualize walking through the house before you get started. If you still do not feel confident, you could always hire a professional interior designer to walk you through the process. A good interior designer will translate your ideas into the perfect space to live in.