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Accessorize Your Hair with La Tiare

Warm weather is here and time to start wearing a lot of buns and ponytails! It’s also prom and wedding season! 

Hair accessories make a great gift for Mom! This Mother’s Day, surprise her with pretty hair accessories along with a gc to her favorite salon!

La Tiare is a Vancouver-based online retail business specializing in trending hair accessories. They believe women should be expressing their hair regardless of type, color, or length. They have an amazing assortment of hair accessories for any occasion.

The brand came from three founders, Janice, Nancy, and Jenny. They loved trending hairstyles, fashion, and beauty. They realized that people dress up for clothes and shoes but not for hair. It is such a pain to put accessories on the skin sometimes because it would cause rashes on the skin. There is no limitation on fashion. Why not put hair accessories on instead of earrings and necklaces? Hair accessories are a trend of beauty expression. They do not cause any rashes on the skin. Plus, hair accessories are easy to style. Dress the way you want with La Tiare

Visit La Tiare to see all of the beautiful hair accessories available!


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