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Everything You Need to Know Before You Visit London


London is a great city for any traveler. It’s great for solo travelers, couples, families, and groups of friends. There is quite genuinely something for absolutely everyone in the city, and there will only be more as the city opens back up. Even without everything back on, there is so much to do and enjoy in London that you are sure to enjoy your time. 


For now, most travelers are in their planning stages, and that’s great! Planning can be very relaxing and fun, so keep these tips in mind: 


Booking Ahead is Important 


Walk-ins are absolutely available here, but for the best experience, you will want to book ahead. In recent yearsmany of the biggest cultural institutions have introduced time entrances, sorather than have long queues outside, they have set up a virtual ticket system (and this includes places like some markets). If they were free to get into before, then they are free now. The ticket just needs to be registered so that you can book your slot. The good news with this system is that there is less crowding in popular areas, however, which is definitely a win!  


There are Many Great Places to Eat 


There are so many wonderful places to eat in London, from Michelin star winners to incredible pubs and age-old restaurants, all the way to new up-and-comers that are quickly dominating the scene. There is every cuisine and new culinary delights alike to enjoy in London, but there are a few things you need to know in advance. The first is that, for the best experience, you are better off staying away from big tourist hotspots and instead follow local pages or newsletters to discover where the hottest place to eat for locals is during your trip. This is the best way to discover local favorites like, a vibrant restaurant for a fusion of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food. 


Get The Right Apps 


There are some apps that an absolute must for visitors to London. An offline version of the London Underground is useful, for example, as are travel apps like CityMapper. There are many popular apps that restaurants and other institutions use to make it easy for you to book your place in a queue without physically waiting there. There is also the NHS check-in app that you will need to have downloaded and have registered. 


Get an Oyster Card 


Unless you want the souvenir, there is no reason to get the Visitor’s Oyster card. Oyster cards come with a £5 deposit, and if you get the regular cardyou can return it and receive your £5 back. Once you have it, you can top it up at any underground or train station. This Oyster card is by far the best way to enjoy budget-friendly travel, as it caps once it reaches a certain limit. 


London is Big and Busy 


London can be a lot for many people, so try to tackle it one borough at a time. This can be very helpful for those who aren’t used to big cities and is also how you will be able to enjoy all the wonderful (and quiet) corners of the city.