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How to Turn Your Home Into an Airbnb


Need some extra cash? You could rent out your property on Airbnb. Whether you have a spare room or a spare apartment, Airbnb is becoming the go-to way of making extra money. Heres how to turn your home into an Airbnb. 


Do your homework 


Before you get started, its important to do your homework and see whats in demand in the local area. Sure, if you live in the center of Manhattan, you can pretty much guarantee that youll be booked up year-round. However, if you live in a rural area, you might not be so lucky. Check out the other Airbnb properties around, see how busy they are, and go from there. 


Spruce it up 


When you put your home up for holiday rentals, youve got to get into the mindset that youre selling it. That means it needs to look its best. Give it a thorough deep cleaning, fix any obvious issues, and maybe invest in a couple of new cushions or a nice throw. Anything that will bring some life into the place. 


Get some awesome photos 


Now that your home is looking tip-top, you need to get the right photos. Dont just walk in with your smartphone and start snapping. You need to think it through. First off, its recommended that you get a professional photographer to take your shots. Its relatively inexpensive and will ensure that you get high-end photographs for your listing. However, if you cant afford that, make sure you take pictures that show the size of the rooms and include as many pictures as possible. 

Write the perfect listing 


Now you need to sell your home. One of the main things that turn people away from an Airbnb property is a lack of information. So, make sure the reader knows everything about the space. Write a descriptive listing and try to focus on the benefits to the customer. Also, make the amenities skim-readable by adding bullet points. 


Make check-in easy 


Theres nothing more annoying than turning up to an Airbnb and not knowing how to get in. This could be a quick way to start getting bad reviews, so its important to make check-in easy. One of the best check-in methods is a key lockbox with a simple passcode. And make sure that your directions are perfect by trying them out yourself. 


Make it safe 


You need to ensure that your home is completely safe for guests. That means getting a fire safety check and ensuring that all the electrics are working safely. You should also install smoke and carbon dioxide alarms, which you can get from

Load up on amenities 


Looking to secure some five-star reviews? Then you need to go above and beyond for your guests. Stock your Airbnb with amenities that will impress your guests such as clean towels, free toothpaste, snacks, and drinks. You dont have to go overboard and offer a three-course meal with every stay but the little things count when it comes to a successful Airbnb.


  1. We just rented a beach house in St. Augustine FL for a week in June. First time, but it had enough bedrooms.

  2. Lot of good information. No home live in a apartment. This would be good to do in a lot of places. I live in a college town and football weekends all of the hotels are booked (before Covid) sometimes a year in advance. Adding a Airbnb maybe the price would be cheaper and easier to rent for games.

  3. I've thought about doing this with my place. Thanks for the tips.

  4. sounds like a great way to create revenue from extra house space


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