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Online Games Keep My Mind Sharp and Keep Me Entertained

As I have gotten older, I notice that I tend to forget things more easily, so I’ve been looking for ways to keep my mind sharp while having fun. I read a lot about how playing online games can keep the mind sharp and improve memory and cognitive skills.

Lately, I’ve discovered a website called They have over 100 free online games that are fun to play and keep my mind thinking, solving and memorizing.There are so many different categories to choose from on the site, and they’re constantly adding new ones.  

One of my favorite games to play is Node.  I like it because it’s challenging and helps me focus and concentrate on what I’m doing.  I sit and play for hours sometimes.  I find it relaxing as well. The object of the game is to have to draw lines between the nodes on the graph to connect all of the nodes without retracing lines you already have.  It’s challenging and fun.  If you make a mistake you can reset and start again.

Neon Invaders is a great way to blast away frustrations and aggravation.  It reminds me of the classic Space Invaders. The object of the game is to destroy the alien ships before they destroy you.  It’s loads of fun.

Another fun game I enjoy is Super Tetris.  I’ve always been a huge Tetris fan.  My husband and I use to play it all the time back in the 90s when we first got married.  We actually beat the game!   I love puzzle games. Tetris is fun because it is so challenging and your decisions where to place your pieces gradually speed up, forcing you to make smart decisions, quickly.  As your play gets smarter, you learn to build your puzzle pieces up higher to gain more points.

Other fun games I enjoy on the site are Pong Soccer which reminds me of the classic Pong game and Jumper Frog, which reminds me of Frogger. Two of my all time favorites!

Some of the games from the site are played better on a computer or tablet, but I do play some on my phone as well, especially when I’m traveling, lying in bed at night  or waiting for an appointment.  I was playing these games over the weekend when I was traveling in Pennsylvania while in the car and hotel room.  They are great boredom busters. The games are also relaxing for me to play at bed time. I can’t sleep without unwinding a bit in bed first. I usually will lay in bed a half hour and play games or watch videos before falling asleep.

What are your favorite types of games to play?   Do you like word games, puzzles, strategy? Do they help you relax and unwind? Let me know which games you like playing on


  1. I love games and ones that are helpful to keep you sharp are wonderful

  2. I read somewhere that it is good to play thinking games and it is a deterrent for dementia. So I do every day, will check this site out

  3. I got hooked on candy crush years ago. And I play it about a hour or so in the evenings. It makes me look and think when I play. Also play cookie jam. It is relaxing and takes you away from everything

  4. I love games too. I really enjoy Mahjong .I just don't have time to play.


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