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Organic Beauty Bloggers You Should Follow

Are you looking to ‘green’ up your beauty routine? Here are some of my favorite organic beauty bloggers and YouTubers.  Each one of them has a unique approach to organic and natural beauty, and will have you well informed about the latest ‘green’ beauty products and routines. You will be well informed after following them. Some of these sites even contain shopping resources for finding the products they speak about. Check out my list below and be sure to give them a follow.

1. Organic Bunny

I love how much great information Amanda Jo, Organic Bunny provides to her readers.  Her website provides a ton of useful and informative  product reviews, and tutorials on organic hair products, beauty, clothing, food and more.  The website is well designed and even has a section for you to shop her favorite products. She also has great photography on the site.

2. She’s In the Glow

Annie’s site, She’s in the Glow, covers everything from smoothie making to sheet masks.  She even has information on international trends and travel must haves.  Explore the best of beauty and how to achieve a healthy balance of nature and science.  Annie will have you glowing from the inside out.

3. Treehugger

A true sustainable site, Treehugger offers advice and inspires its readers to live and love an eco savvy, green life. Read lots of tips, remedies, news and facts about organic beauty on their beauty blog.

4. Vegan Beauty Review

Read about beauty products, cruelty-free companies and more on Sunny’s Vegan Beauty Review.  Sunny has been sharing reviews, recipes and resources since 2007.  Sunny has a fun, edgy style.  Her goal is to show the world that veganism can be beautiful, bold, fun, and delicious.

5. Sunkiss Alba

This organic beauty YouTuber knows a thing or two about organic beauty. Alba Ramos of  Sunkiss Alba has informative YouTube videos about organic beauty products.  Watch as she guides you along on her beauty routines in an easy to follow approach. Learn about the products she loves to use.

6. Juice Beauty 

This is one of the first organic beauty blogs that I started to read a few years ago.  I love the website and love the information that they provide.  They also have their own beauty line of products that I’ve personally used and like very much.  Juice Beauty uses sustainable packaging for their products.  It’s founder believed that by formulating with vitamin-rich organic botanical juice base, rather than PEGS/petroleum derivatives or water, and combining it with powerful skincare ingredients, would yield better results than conventional or natural products, which is why she founded Juice Beauty.

7. The New Knew

Lisa Fennessy is passionate about access to healthy food, water, beauty, consumer goods and more.  Her goal is to make nontoxic the norm.  Her site, The New Knew, provides info that has been thoroughly researched. Learn about clean beauty that is better for you and healthy living.

Do you have a favorite organic beauty blogger that you like to follow?  Tell us about them in the comments below!