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Puppets Can Help Children Express Their Feelings


One of the toy lines that are at the top of my list is Aurora.  They have a beautiful line of plush toys in a  variety of animals and characters. Did you know that they also make hand puppets?

When my son was little, his best buddy was his puppet Fluffy.  Fluffy went everywhere he went. He was a huge part of my son’s life and we still have him to this day.

Often, when my son appeared to be angry or upset and didn’t want to communicate that to me, I would use Fluffy to get him to open up and communicate with me.  Since his puppet Fluffy was so important to him, he would freely express himself to Fluffy.  Since he responded so well and played so nicely with Fluffy, we added a few other puppets and gave them different personalities.  It was interesting and informative for me to watch how he made the puppets act and I often would correct the behavior of the puppets to teach him lessons in manners and behavior.  I found it to be so beneficial.  

It’s important to pay attention to our children when they are playing, because they will use that time to express what they’re thinking, what they’re learning, what they’re picking up from inside or outside sources, and will also use play time to express their emotions. 

I was recently reading a post on Open School bag that spoke about the benefits of puppets. It spoke of how puppets help with emotional development, stimulate imagination, help improve motor skills, teach etiquette, increase group participation and boost confidence in speaking and reading.

I can definitely agree with this article because I’ve seen these benefits first hand, and I’d like to encourage other parents to read it as well by clicking the hyperlink above.

If you’re interested in getting puppets for your little ones, or students, visit Aurora World and check out their assortment of adorable, soft plush puppets. They have such a fun bunch of finger puppets, hand puppets, moveable mouth puppets and even popular character puppets. 

Introduce your children to the wonderful world of puppets and see how amazing it is!


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