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5 Outdoor Projects to Do This Spring and Summer


No matter if you prefer to do the work yourself, or if you prefer to have someone to do the work for you, there are so many fun outdoor (and indoor) projects that you can do this spring and summer! I just prefer exterior projects because the weather is so nice. Who doesn’t want to spend extra time soaking up the sun? If you feel the same way, start on these 5 outdoor projects:

Hang up string lights

I love the look of string lights on an outdoor porch area! It makes the space look whimsical, fun, and inviting. Plus, adding string lights to your outdoor (or indoor) space is easy to do, cost effective, and you do not need to hire anyone to do it for least most of the time! Hanging up string lights is just a small home improvement that will add a lot of joy to your life - and light to your space! It is perfect for anyone who loves entertaining, hanging out on the back porch after the sun has set, or just likes a touch of fun.

Plant an edible garden

This one is not only a great exterior home project to do, but it is also very useful because an edible garden can help you feed your family, without the costly expenses of a grocery store! Get creative with what you plant, but do your research, too, because not every fruit or vegetable grows well in different locations. For example, oranges might grow great in Florida, but not so great in New Jersey! There are a ton of websites that you can look up to see what you should grow for your specific area. Alternatively, you can visit a garden shop (I prefer smaller ones!) and they will usually know their stuff about gardening. Gardening is fun, useful, and an awesome exterior project that you can do over the spring and summer months!

Create a firepit

If you love making s’mores, or hanging outside next to a warm fire, or entertaining, this one is for you! A firepit is a fantastic outdoor project to do right now and if you do it right, it can also boost the value of your home. Exterior projects have the potential to make or break a home sale, so think wisely when you add anything to your exterior. A fire pit, when done correctly, will dramatically improve the chance that you’ll sell your home - barring the inside of your home too, of course. You could DIY this project, or you could hire it out to a reputable company that is skilled in fire pit installs, such as Sabba’s Landscaping. Sabba’s Landscaping, Lawn, Pavers, and Fencing can help your fire pit or outdoor fireplace dreams come true. You may want a round fire pit made of pavers or you may prefer a rectangle crafted in stone. Whatever you are thinking, they can handle the project and do it with ease.

Add a fence

If you entertain, have a dog, have children, grandchildren, or need some privacy, adding a fence is always a great outdoor project, especially when you are spending a lot of time outside. If you are considering picket vinyl fencing in Monmouth county, once again, you need to call Sabba’s Landscaping! Sabba’s is committed to serving Monmouth & Ocean County with superior customer service, high-quality work, and reliability. They provide professional lawn and landscaping maintenance and care at reasonable prices for residential and commercial customers and their mission is to serve their clients to the best of their ability. They offer a wide range of services, so visit their site to see how they can help you with hardscaping and landscaping needs or wants!

Do something big

Go big or go home. That’s what they say, right? If you are living by this motto, maybe you want to do something big like adding a pool, a hot tub, a retaining wall, or something else really fun? Honestly, I would love a pool myself! It would add such an elegance to any home and it would automatically up the value of the home, too. As they say - GO BIG!