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Fitville Offers Stylish Relief for Feet

Nearly 8 out of 10 Americans will have foot problems at some time in their life and FitVille was born to serve them with a stylish, comfortable sneaker. FitVille has now served more than 10,000 customers since 2019 and the reviews have been very positive.

The shoes are especially built for those with wider feet and those who are dealing with conditions like plantar fasciitis, flat feet, hammer toe, bunions, etc.

The website also details the technology – wider toe box, higher instep, shock absorption pad, heel ring and a dual-density, non-skid sole – that goes into the walking and running shoes. The walking shoes (Rebound Core, $95) have been very popular while the Stride Core ($82) have just launched for a more lightweight shoe geared for running. They’ve also just launched a new arch support sandal/slipper($49) – perfect for summertime! 

I was given the opportunity to test out the Rebound Core and have been wearing them everywhere I go.  They are extremely comfortable and give me a nice cushion when I walk. The Fitville shoes provide stability, cushion and help with the over pronation of my feet, which makes me walk better and relieves stress on my joints.

I have suffered with foot problems since I was a child.  I have flat feet, and being on them for any amount of time causes foot and joint pain.  I always search for footwear that is conducive to my condition.  Many shoes that are sold in retail do not offer proper support for foot conditions.

These shoes are available in men and women sizes.  They also come in blue, grey and beige colors.

These are sold both on Amazon and on the FitVille website –

First Class Experience for Your Toes:

Relax your feet, to ensure you walk with ease.
Relieve your toes, allowing them to stretch freely.
Maximize cushioning, to walk further distances without stress.
Adjust overpronation, to alleviate overall discomfort.


Consisting of three mesh layers, Fitville sneakers can effectively adjust the temperature and relieve foot fatigue to ensure your feet stay dry and comfortable all day.

Non-Slip Sole

Our rubber soles featuring high elasticity and slip-resistant texture, allow you to maintain a grip on any surface.

Elasticity & Cushioning 

FitVille sneakers feature a front and rear end sole made with two different density materials, ensuring both elasticity and cushioning. The differing densities allow you to move comfortably, perfect for walking distances or your normal daily activities.

Removable Insoles 

Our comfortable memory foam insoles are removable and can be replaced with orthotics insoles or other types