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Bazooka ® Bubble Gum Launches Celebrity PSA Campaign in Support of Dad Jokes


Bazooka ® Bubble Gum Launches Celebrity PSA Campaign in Support of Dad Jokes – Just in Time for Father’s Day

The campaign features favorite celebrity personalities as they deliver the important message… It’s OK to Dad Joke!


IMMEDIATE RELEASE: New York, June 1, 2021 Bazooka® Bubble Gum has been a pop culture staple for nearly 75 Years, known for its famous Bazooka Comics and signature “Dad Joke” humor. Recognizing that Dad Jokes often get a bad “wrap,” Bazooka Bubble Gum – one of the pioneers of the Dad Joke – wants to support fathers around the world who rely on the Dad Joke to get some sort of reaction from their kids – even a groan. This Father’s Day, Bazooka is celebrating its love of Dad Jokes, and is encouraging others to join in on the fun. To deliver this message, Bazooka has partnered with some noteworthycelebrities from the 80s90s, and today in a series of comical PSAs to tell people it’s OK to Dad Joke.  


The campaign talent includes Anthony Anderson, Sean Astin, Gilbert Gottfried, Jon LovitzDolph Lundgren and Charles Shaughnessy. In the 6-part video series, each celebrity shares their love for a good old-fashioned Dad Joke as they call on the public to speak up about their love for Dad Jokes too! The delivery is unique to each talent as they share their funny and lighthearted take in the classic PSA format

“Bazooka Comics have entertained generations with their classic Dad Joke humor,” says Alyson McManusBrand Manager for Bazooka. “This campaign provides us with a playful and fun way to put Dad Jokes front and center while celebrating our comics and Father’s Day.”

The campaign is now live on Facebook and will be released on Instagram at @TheRealBazookaJoe and run alongside a digital campaign in June on Facebook and Instagram.

This Father’s Day, no Dad Joke lover laughs alone!



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