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Eliminate Odors and Airborne Particles with Dreamegg Air Purifier

Do you suffer from allergies? Mine have been off the charts this year. Do you have a pet in your home who leaves unpleasant odors at times? Does a neighbor (if you live in an apartment or condo), or someone in your home, smoke and leave your home smelling like an ashtray?

Dreamegg has released a new HEPA air purifier on their website and Amazon, available at $119.99. However, as if this post, it is on sale under $100!  It's a small but powerful air purifier that can remove 99.97% of airborne particles, and unpleasant odors with its 4-stage high-quality filter, to make sure you always inhale fresh air. 

What makes this Dreamegg air purifier unique to others on the market is it's the one-touch pet mode that is customized for families that have pets. The activated carbon filter can eliminate odors high-effectively to let you have a better and happier companion. This air purifier comes with more thoughtful features including warm night light and sleep mode.  It can runs quietly at night. The low operation noise level is 23 dB which can barely be noticed. It's a good addition to someone like me and my husband who are both light sleepers.

The Dreamegg has lots of great features to make it more convenient to use including a child lock, 3 timer, night light, sleep mode and memory function.  It even has a filter reset.  I find the night light feature to be soothing.  It’s perfect for a child’s room or area in your home that you’d like to add subtle lighting at night.

The Sleep mode is nice because not only does it have the night light, but it has a low noise level of 23dB.

  • Much Powerful Performance - CADR 189m³/h + True HEPA Filter.
  • Effective Air Filtration - Refresh the Air in a Small or Mid-Size Room(250 Sq Ft (23 m²) )in 20 Min.
  • Ideal for Allergies, Smoke, Dust, Pollen, Pet Hair, and Pet Dander.
  • Sleep Mode & Night Light - Lowest Operation Noise Level: 23dB.
  • Compact Size, Space-saving, Great for Any Room/Office/Kitchen.

For more details, please check it out: 


  1. love all the features like low noise and night light

  2. I have pet dander and pollen allergies. I need one or 2 of these!

  3. I have to check this out. I live in a senior high rise that was built in the early 80's. there is always stuff flowing in the air and when there is enough I do nothing but sneeze and cough. I also have COPD so I need to find one that works for me

  4. Good that it's quiet and easy to use.

  5. Unfortunately, just about everyone in this house suffers with allergies. This would be so helpful! Thank you for sharing!


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