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Skinny Can Insulators are Here


If you enjoy hard seltzers, you know that the can design is tall and slim and doesnt sit well in a regular beer can size insulator. The Grand Fusion Housewares Skinny Can Insulator is designed to keep your 12-ounce skinny can drinks ice cold, whether they’re hard seltzers, energy drinks or regular sodas. The double-wall vacuum top gasket seal keeps the cold in and the silicone non-slip base makes sure your drink doesn’t go anywhere until you’re done with the very last, icy cold drop! 

I love the smart and attractive design and quality of the Grand Fusions Housewares Can Insulator.  It is well made and very sturdy.  I also like that the top of the insulator can screw off to assist in removing the can once empty.  I also like that the Insulator holds the bulk of the can with minimal amount of the can sticking out.  


Keep your beverage cold longer

Keep your hands dry

Non slip grip

Keep your outdoor furniture protected from water rings that form from sweating cans.

Collect all of the fun colors today: Blue, Purple, Rose Gold, Black and White.



  1. I think the most annoying thing from this list is when water rings form all over everything!! We need this asap because it is a huge pet peeve of mine!

  2. That's a clever new design for a cozy.

  3. Love the size on this and so need this to keep my drinks cold when I am running errands

  4. I did not know they had insulators available for the skinny cans. I have started to buy the seltzer but you either had to drink fast or they get warm. this I what I need

  5. This looks great for a gift for my child and their roommate. Sweating cans is awful.


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