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Stay Motivated to Drink More Water


The key to health is staying active in any way we can. Whether it be walking, running, or going to the gym at least three times a week. Some of us love going to the gym, and others of us need a little motivation to keep us going and push us through our workouts and challenges.

One of the most important things for our bodies while working out or in our daily diet is our water intake.  It is very important to make sure our bodies get enough water throughout the day, yet so many of us don’t. 

Why do our bodies need water? 

Our bodies need water to boost our energy, deliver important  nutrients to our cells, especially the muscle ones to postpone fatigue.  It also hydrates skin, helps rid the body of toxins, aids in digestion and weight loss. 

Keepto has a product that helps to keep us encouraged and motivated to drink more water in a simple and useful way. They’re also perfect for your workouts. This is a bonus in my opinion.

What so motivational tools do?

Motivational tools help us to set goals, change our behaviors, be more positive and improve ourselves overall. This is important when it comes to our health and well-being.

The Keepto  64oz Water Jug is a one gallon water jug that is smartly designed for easy portability.  It features a one hand operational top that flips open easily and contains a sipping straw.  It also has a shoulder strap for hands free carrying at the gym or while walking. Another feature I like about this bottle is that it has a handle for carry and pouring as well.

The Keepto Gallon Water Bottle is leak proof and dust proof, and comes in a beautiful assortment of hombre colors that are very attractive.  It feature motivational quotes to help us get through each ounce of water that we need for drink daily proper intake.

This product is also available is a 32 ounce size for those who don’t want to carry as much water at a time, or who prefer a slimmer bottle. This bottle also comes with motivational messages to encourage water intake and a beautiful assortment of hombre colors that are pleasant to the eye as well.

Here are more important features of this product:


Available in a variety of attractive hombre color designs.

This product is designed to hold COLD and ROOM Temperature only. NO HOT BEVERAGES.  It is not recommended for the dishwasher. It must be hand washed. 

The max capacity of this product is 128 ounces.  Holds recommended daily allowance of 8 cups of water.  Each Motivational  marker represents one 8 ounce cup.

This product is designed to be dust proof and leak proof, with easy one hand access to water, making it user friendly during workouts. The removable straw allows you to use the bottle to pour or drink directly without sipping.

This product is environmentally friendly.  It is BPA free and made from an eco-friendly PETG plastic.  This is a quality food grade plastic that is odor free and reusable.

The large handle makes this bottle easily portable, or use the strap to carry around your shoulder when you need your hands free.  It has an anti slip grip for better holding stability while sweating.

This bottle is perfect for the gym, days at the park, beach, other outdoor activities. It’s even great for your pet during outdoor trips.

The bottle has a one year guarantee with refund or replacement for any non artificial damage.


Visit the Keepto Amazon Store to Purchase:


  1. Love the look of these and the measurements on the bottle really help you keep track of consumption

  2. These are really nice bottles.................... I am a big water drinker and I like water! I usually drink at least 3 32oz cups filled with ice and tap water and some times more. When I am out I usually forget to take a water bottle and I know If I don't drink enough I get leg cramps.

  3. I like the times on this bottle so you are drinking throughout the day

  4. I really love these. I always have water so I would use it a lot!

  5. These look really cool. The good lord knows I need all the motivation I can get! Thanks for sharing this product!


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