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How to Combat Dry and Damaged Hair


Dry hair and damaged hair are two problems that are experienced by a high number of people of all agesThese issues can present for a multitude of different reasons and will sometimes be out of your control. 

You might find that you are more susceptible to having dry or damaged hair than other people, but fortunately, help is available.

The following advice can help you understand why this problem has happened to you and how you can overcome it to make sure it is a past problem

What is Dry Hair?

When your hair does not have as much moisture as it should, it will not maintain a normal texture and start to feel dry. 

Common causes of dry hair include:

• Poor nutrition
• Excessive blow-drying
• Excessive hair washing
• Using alcohol-based hair products
• A hormonal imbalance
• An underactive thyroid

What is Damaged Hair?

When your hair is damaged, the outer layer will be prone to cracking, which can then exacerbate the problem. Damaged hair can also lead to split ends and a dull appearance.

Common causes of damaged hair include:

  • Dye
  • Bleach
  • Heat
  • Lack of maintenance

Prevention and Treatment for Dry Hair

To prevent dry hair from presenting, it is good to eat a dietrich in iron, zinc, biotin, and a range of B vitamins. You will also want to avoid blow-drying your hair too often or washing your hair too often. Additionally, avoiding alcohol-based hair care products whenever possible is a sensible decision.

If you have a hormonal imbalance or an underactive thyroid, then you will want to address these issues with your doctor. However, it is important to manage your expectations if this is the case, as treatment may not always yield instant results. 

Visiting a professional hair salon is a great way to start treatment for dry hair. Visit to make an appointment today. Going to visit an expert hairdresser regularly is a great way to pay ample attention to the health and appearance of your hair. 

Prevention and Treatment for Damaged Hair

To prevent damage, you will want to avoid dying your hair too often and try not to use bleach when possible. Unless you are very unhappy with your natural hair color, then it should not be difficult to follow this advice. 

A professional hairdresser will be able to give you more suggestions on how to treat your damaged hair and give you a personalized treatment routine with advice and products that suit your hair type.

Furthermore, if you are someone who washes your hair very regularly, then you may wish to reconsider this. Washing your hair too often can strip it of the natural oils that it needs to stay healthy. This oil is known as sebum, and when you have an adequate amount of it, your hair will look healthy and shiny. However, when you wash your hair too often, and therefore strip your hair of sebum, then it can quickly start to become brittle and unmanageable.