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How to Reconnect in Your Relationship


Love can happen easily and naturally, bumaintaining a healthy relationship can take hard work. Love should never be a struggle, but that doesnt mean relationships or marriages dont need effort and clarity to help you move forward with your partner. 

One common problem couples can face is feeling distant, no matter how much you still love and adore each other. There are telltale signs that it may be time for reconnection efforts, and if you notice these signs, this guide will pinpoint a few things you can do

Signs You May Need to Reconnect

• You are operating with completely separate routines and have become ships in the night.
• Youre both irritable and easily becoming angry over little things.
• You havenbeen intimate with each other in a long time.
• You arent laughing together or having fun.
• You aren’t making time for each other.
• You may even be beginning to doubt the relationship as a reaction to feeling distant.

How to Reconnect in Your Relationship

Schedule Time in Your Calendar 

While this may not sound romantic, itoften necessary for those with busy schedules. Deciding on a day that you can both have free of other responsibilities and make sure that you can focus only on each other is a great opportunity to catch up and connect. This could be a date night with something special planned, or it could be as simple as time alone at home. 

Exchange Gifts 

If you truly want to make a better connection, dont have this be a mindless gift buyinexperience with no thoughtGifts are opportunities to think deeply about what your partner might wantand show them that youre thinking of them. If your schedules are hectic and this is the reason for distance, you can even send your partner a gift during the day to show them that youre thinking of them  even if you cant be there yourself. 

Personalized gifts are a great way to express thought and affection. You can find custom gifts for your wife from My Custom Heart or gifts could even be thoughtful gestures, like an extra-special homecooked meal. 

Talk Openly 

A lot of distance can be created when both parties are aware something is amiss, but nobody is acknowledging it. Your routines might be going to bed tired, leaving early for work, and never really speaking about the issue at hand. Reconnecting can be as simple as addressing the issue head-on. Tell your partner that you feel distant and need to reconnect. Ask your partner what you can do to help them feel more connected. Simply addressing the issue youve both been feeling can help to build a bridge between the two of you. 

Listen and Empathize

When youre feeling disconnected in a relationship, its easy to focus on your own feelings. However, for reconnection, its also important to listen to your partner when they discuss things with you and empathize with them. This can help them to feel more supported, and vice versa. Simply listening and understanding can help to feel more connected.

 Photo by Vera Arsic from Pexels