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Ulta-Lit Has Saved Over One Billion Christmas Tree Light Bulbs from Landfills


This Chicago-based company has saved enough light sets to fill six Statues of Liberty

Don’t you hate when one of the bulbs go out on your pre-lit tree and light strands?  I’ve had to throw out sets that were only a year or two old.  Now there is the perfect solution from Ulta-Lit Tree Company.

Glenview, IL  – Ulta-Lit Tree Company, the maker of Cool Yule Tools, has saved over one billion Christmas light bulbs from landfills over the past 20 years with their light set repair tools. With the help of Ulta-Lit, millions of light sets that would have otherwise gone in the trash are still being used for Christmas trees, holiday decorations, and more.

Ulta-Lit Tree Company sells the LightKeeper Proand LED Keeper, which repair broken incandescent and LED light sets used for holiday decorations. With the sale of more than 6 million light set repair tool units since the inception of these tools, these tools have become  essential  for homeowners across the country as they decorate for festive occasions.

The #1 selling light set for over 25 years has been the 100-bulb light set. With a conservative estimate of two light sets saved per repair tool sold, Ulta-Lit’s repair tools have saved about 12 million light sets, containing altogether around 1.2 billion light bulbs. If you put all those light set boxes together, it would occupy a space 375,000 cubic feet large - enough to fill six Statues of Liberty, 55 Boeing 737 jets, or 565 garbage truck containers.

“What really makes us proud is to know we have helped so many families across the country to keep their holidays bright,” says John DeCosmo, President and Founder of Ulta-Lit. “With our tools, we’ve prevented holiday season frustration, saved consumers money, and helped the environment by reducing waste.”

Ulta-Lit tools are currently sold in over 10,000 stores across North America.  After putting over $5 million towards marketing efforts through the years, the company sees even more potential to expand in the 2021 holiday season. 

Whether you work with LED or incandescent lights, you decorate your own home or are professional decorator, or  you use your lights for the holidays or year-round, these light set repair tools are a must-have. The LightKeeper Pro hotline has taken over 100,000 phone and  email inquiries to date in an effort to help consumers through the challenges of holiday decorating including keeping those light sets out of the landfills. This year-round hotline can be reached by calling 888-ULTA-LIT (888-858-2548) or emailing  

About Ulta-Lit Tree Company

Ulta-Lit Tree Company originated as a pioneer in affordable pre-lit Christmas trees in 1996. To solve the problem of frequent light outages, Ulta-Lit introduced the LightKeeper Pro in 2004 and in 2012, brought the LED Keeper into the marketplace. To date, Ulta-Lit has sold over 6 million light set repair tools.