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Warning Signs to Look Out For in Elderly Relatives


Aging is inevitable. And with old age comes a variety of age-related ailments and conditions. Everything from memory to mobility may impact elderly relatives. And if you're concerned about their health, here are some warning signs to look out for. 

Daily hygiene

One major sign that your parents or elderly relatives might be falling ill is their self care. When visiting, look out for subtle things like whether the heating it on, if the grass needs mowing or if their toiletries look recently used. 

Their appearance could be a telltale sign that they're struggling to keep up with daily routines like brushing teeth, bathing, or simply getting around the house. This could be down to deteriorating mental health from either Alzheimer's, Dementia, or Depression. Seniors that live alone can easily become down and depressed, making daily routine feel pointless. 

By speaking to your parents about how they're feeling, you might be able to gauge if their decline in hygiene and health is down to their emotional wellbeing. 


Are your parents suffering more from memory loss? If you find them asking the same questions multiple times, getting lost in places they're familiar with, or feeling confused more often, these could be major signs that something is wrong. 

While we're all guilty of forgetting things occasionally or asking the same thing twice, but underlying conditions or medications can contribute to memory loss

Safety at home 

If your parents have lived in the same house since you were little, it might not be as appropriate for them in old age. Pay attention to the property when you visit to see if daily chores are being kept up to, and whether all areas are easily accessible. Families gather a lot of stuff over the years, and without a big clear-out from time to time, seniors might be living in a hoarder haven. Great for sentimental value, not great for mobility.  

If there are any concerns about their safety at home, it might be worth looking into alternative properties or assisted living in Rockville, MD. That way, they can still have their independence, but you'll have peace of mind that they're safe when you're not around. 

Weight loss

As with most of us, weight loss can be a sure sign that something is wrong. It might be a side effect of a medication, or it could perhaps be a sign that your parents aren't eating as they should. 

Having a healthy diet is integral for seniors, as it can help maintain strength and a healthy mind. If your parents seem to be losing weight, it could be because they're struggling to cook and are either resorting to not eating or stocking up on unhealthy snacks and ready meals. 

Other conditions like Depression could significantly impact their hunger, so it's important not to ignore any physical changes. 

Being cautious and attentive to elderly relatives is the first step to making sure they're safe and healthy. If you think your parents might be suffering from a serious – or not so serious – condition, consult your GP.