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Five Ingredient Dinners from America’s Test Kitchen

I don’t know about you, but after a busy day, the last thing I want to do is mess with a ton of ingredients to make a meal and getting take out can be expensive.  America’s Test Kitchen’s latest cookbook titled Five Ingredient Dinners is the perfect solution.  It has delicious five ingredient recipes that taste like you spent all day making them.

These recipes use common ingredients that most of us keep on-hand.  You are gonna want to make the Rustic Chicken Tart with Spinach and Brie.  It’s so delicious ! Learn how to make delicious grilled ribs and so much more.

The illustrations in this cookbook are beautiful, and the recipes are simple to follow.  Each recipe is developed and tested by test cooks from America’s Test Kitchen.

This cookbook is currently on sale at only $19.99.



When we say “five ingredients” we mean it. The only exceptions—what we call our “staples”—are salt, pepper, oil, and butter (these are separated from the other ingredients on recipe pages for at-a-glance reference). Each recipe is introduced by a test cook or editor for a peek into the recipe creation process with tales from their own home kitchens. Their surprising tricks and techniques add up to spectacular flavor (you’ll love how they use a store-bought ingredient in multiple ways within a recipe). Leftover ingredients won’t go to waste; you’ll incorporate all usable parts, even ones you might usually toss!

Some of the recipes you'll find inside:

Spicy Kimchi and Ham Steak Fried Rice

Fast, filling and fantastic. This kimchi fried rice is your new favorite.

This dish ties together the umami deliciousness of kimchi and savory bites of ham steak with the crispy texture of fried rice throughout. If there’s ever been a dish that offers the best aspects of a hearty meal for as little fuss as possible, this is it. Fresh, bold, and flavorful, this kimchi fried rice recipe is a quick and easy meal that works as a side or main dish.

Beef, Tomatillo and White Bean Stew

Celebrate rich, bold flavor with a simple stew.

Rich, aromatic, and full of flavor, it seems impossible that such a tasty result would come from only five ingredients. Well, the proof is in the pudding! (Or stew?) Inspired by the flavors of entomatado de res, a Mexican beef and tomatillo stew, this dish combines tangy tomatillo salsa with the silky-savory flavor of beef blade steaks, making for a perfect comfort meal no matter the season. 

Rustic Chicken Tart with Spinach and Brie

Fit for a feast, enjoy this delectable pastry for any occasion.

Whether you're hosting friends or feeding the family during the week, this cheesy chicken and spinach tart is a crowd-pleaser you can count on. The best part about this gooey-delicious recipe? No matter how far from perfect you think your baking skills are, any imperfections only add to this dish’s rustic appeal. With plenty of greens, hearty chicken, and buttery brie, this recipe allows you to satisfy any hankering you have come dinnertime.