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5 Minute Back to School Hacks from TheSoul Publishing


Kids are heading back to school in person and some don’t remember what it’s like to pack their bags and leave their laptops.  TheSoul Publishing’s popular 5 Minute Crafts YouTube channel shares a video of hacks that will make both parents’ and childrens’ back-to-school routine easier for the days to come! 

Check out the video above, and these simple hacks to save you time:


  • Labeling a compact closet divider with the days of the week can be used to plan you’re child’s clothes for each day. This gives your child the opportunity to dress themselves seamlessly, and gives parents more time to prepare other things for the day! 


  • Some teachers like individual notebooks for each subject. To avoid rummaging for your child, label the subject on the top of each notebook to provide quick visibility for your child!


  • Storing your child’s pencils in a toothbrush case instead of a pencil case save space and minimizes weight in your child’s backpack!