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Delicious Pearl Sugar Waffles Make Great Hostess Gifts


Many of us travel to visit relatives during the holidays, and we know that while it’s an enjoyable time, it can be an imposition.  Here is a nice gift gesture that your hostess will love.

Unique Belique makes delicious Pearl Sugar Belgian Waffles in a variety of sizes and flavors.  These waffles use tiny round pieces of pearl sugar that randomly distribute caramelized bits of crunchy sweetness throughout the waffle.  They are great for breakfast, as a snack or even as a dessert.  They can be served hot or cold, and are so delicious.  They are great alone or with toppings. Unique Belique waffles are delicious topped with your favorite ice cream and toppings.

Make a dessert gift basket and add some of the waffles along with toppings as a nice gift.

Where to buy:

Purchase Unique Belique waffles on AMAZON 

These waffles are available, on Amazon, in the following sizes:

Traditional 100g: 4-Pack or 15-Pack

Traditional 55g: 24-Pack

Chocolate 100g: 15-Pack

Chocolate 55g: 24-Pack

Sampler (one of each): 4-Pack

Give the sampler a try and enjoy all of the flavors and sizes!  I was sent a sampler box and got to try each one.  They’re all delicious!  They’re so good, they don’t need anything on them!

You can also find Unique Belique Belgian waffles at the following stores:  

Use the product locator to find a location near you by visiting the Unique Belique website.