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Durable iPhone Cases for the New IPhone 13 and More


Want a smart gift idea for someone on your shopping list?  Get them a phone cover to protect their investment.  Raptic has a great, affordable line of phone covers, including covers for the new iPhone 13.

These cases are simple to install your iPhone into, and if you have a colored phone like I do, it will allow you to show your phone through its clear cover.

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Raptic is an LA-based electronics accessories company known for their phone cases, portable power solutions and wireless. 

Earlier this week, Raptic announced a new line of phone cases for the new Apple iPhone 13 models. The cases vary in style and price point, but offer the very best protection for users’ phones. 


  • Raptic Terrain ($39.99) marks Raptics first entry into the sustainability category with a 100% biodegradable product made in America: 
    • Shortening the supply chain, eliminates international transportation, and utilizes fewer fossil fuels to minimize carbon footprints 
    • Prevents landfills from being packed with harmful plastic waste due to its fully biodegradable design and product packaging 
    • Normal plastic cases take hundreds to thousands of years to biodegrade; in lab testing Terrain biodegraded 22.5% in under 365 days 
    • Terrain packaging is 100% recyclable and will fully biodegrade in under one year 
    • Product page linkedhere
  • Raptic Shield ($29.99) phone cases offer users the ultimate protection with an edgy, sophisticated design: 
    • Utilizing machined metal frames as its foundation, Shield incorporates hard polycarbonate, soft rubber, and anodized aluminium to give the phone case a strong finish and durable design 
    • Offers military-grade drop protection up to 10+ feet when dropped on concrete  
    • Product page linkedhere

  • Raptic Air ($39.99) offers a modern design and excellent performance with durability featuring rubber design elements and protection: 
    • Created from military-grade machined metal, it includes an aluminium foundation paired with a dual layer of soft rubber and hard polycarbonate to provide extra shock protection  
    • Features a clear rubber exterior, flexible rubber side cushions, and raised lip guards to prevent damage from bumps, scratches, and drops 
    • Product page linkedhere
  • Raptic Clear ($19.99) is a simple yet durable phone case, designed with minimalist touches: 
    • Offers a premium, clear frame that will not tarnish or turn yellow after extensive use 
    • Incorporates two layers of shock-absorbing rubber that provide grip and button protection, as well as overall durability 
    • Product page linked here