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Faiez Rana and Prep To Your Door’s Mission to Transform Food Industry


[September 9, 2021, Austin, TX] In early 2017, Faiez Rana and Heather Emerson, started Prep To Your Door, the only organic, ready to eat, meal delivery service that guarantees zero waste in a closed loop delivery model. The brand focuses on serving locally sourced, ready to eat, organic, plant-based meals that are good for the body, the planet, and emphasizes sustainability at every step. Faiez Rana’s aspiration is to serve his customers nutritious and delicious food, while laying the groundwork for the future of a fresh food system. Faiez Rana remarks, “Food is medicine, and a lot of products are looking to capitalize on that trend. But processed food makes up 70% of America’s diet, and we need more than a slogan and good marketing to make that norm a reality. We need to create a paradigm shift.”

While studying at Harvard University, Faiez Rana met Heather Emerson. After a fast-paced, New York City career, Emerson had found a way to make easy, nutrient rich meals that would be healthy and good for the environment. She ditched plastic containers and layered her meals in glass jars. Upon moving to Austin, Texas, they thought of offering their solution to others in their community. Prep To Your Door hit the ground running, feeding everyone they could, and generated widespread support for their unique emphasis on quality food with zero waste delivery. Prep To Your Door used real ingredients, and followed the highest standards of sustainability, driven by a vision to build a business that would be good for people and the planet, without cutting any corners. As the business grew, Faiez realized that healthier options and “better personal choices” were only part of the solution. To create meaningful change, they would have to innovate across the supply chain.

Faiez Rana is passionate about fundamentally changing the prevailing food system as a solution to climate change, environmental degradation, and healthcare, by addressing a root cause. “The way we grow, buy and process food is creating environmental and health consequences at unprecedented rates, including deforestation, soil degradation, ocean pollution, and unparalleled rates of preventable chronic illness. The connection between food, health, and the planet is clear. However, even with an eagerness to change, most people don’t know where to start.” Through cultivating a network of organic farmers, developing proprietary supply chain technology, and the talents of their culinary team, Prep To Your Door is able to deliver farm fresh meals in a uniquely zero waste experience that is good for customers and the environment.

In a time where many businesses are struggling, Prep To Your Door has doubled growth each year, and grown from a team of two to a team of fourty. Each financial quarter Prep To Your Door has opened new markets and increasingly expanded their delivery zones. In 2021, they will deliver over 150,000 meals without any single-use plastic, reusing every jar in a closed loop model while proudly serving over 100,000 pounds of locally grown, organic produce to their happy customers.

Prep To Your Door embodies sustainability at its core, innovating across the food chain to bring organic, fresh food to their customers without the plastic of other direct-to-consumer companies. The team takes an ardent stance against greenwashing or false advertising of any kind, with a brand ethos that emphasizes trust and transparency above everything.

Faiez Rana and the team at Prep To Your Door are a group of bold, innovative, young leaders whose work in the food industry will benefit and help shift the paradigm. The challenges in the food industry are immense, yet the Prep To Your Door team keeps Margaret Mead’s quote close to their hearts. “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world: indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”