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How To Grab A Bargain On eBay


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Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels


eBay isn't the e-commerce powerhouse that it once was (you can thank Amazon for that). But it's still a place to grab a great bargain if you know how to. Here are some top tips for bargain-hunting on eBay. 


Create your own watch list


Here's one of the most important tricks in bargain hunting on eBay. Instead of visiting eBay for every deal you see, create your own personalized watch list (make sure that the 'make my own customized search' option is turned on). You can use different criteria to make your list, but choose at least three things you might want to buy - make sure they are something you might actually bid on. You can sort it by time left, price, or eBay popularity.


Price check


Once your list is created, quickly check if a favored item you're watching on eBay is being sold somewhere else cheaper. Try Google Shopping or PriceGrabber, but also try shops that have their own online presence. If it's the same price (or less) then bid accordingly - that's how you find a bargain.


Use sniping software


By far, the best way to get the lowest price possible on eBay is to snipe. This is where the software will place your bid for you at just the right time so that no one else can beat it before the auction ends. If you're not ready to shell out $20-$30 for this kind of software, use the free tools available to you.


Follow the bargain hunters


It's not just about using software to place your bid as close as possible as the auction ends, but also knowing when it ends. Sofollow those that do and get alerted when their auctions expire. You can do this on Twitter or with a free service like TweetBeep. If no one else is bidding, they may be willing to sell it for less than the current bid.


Get 'collection only' items shipped


If you're planning to buy something that's 'collection only', contact the seller about having it delivered. Alternatively, to help you with your ebay shipping, you can use Shiply for 'collection only' items and save money by sorting out the shipping costs yourself.


Set up alerts for 'like new'


eBay has a category called "Like New", but sometimes the descriptions are not accurate. So set up an RSS feed or Google Alert to be notified when that item is listed. And if you have something similar already, then check its condition before you buy it.


Save with high street eBay outlet stores


If you're looking for a cheaper version of what some high street stores sell, then head to eBay outlet stores. You will find some great deals on some very familiar brands.


Hold out for the last-minute bargains


The buyers who use sniping software aren't just those with deep pockets and nothing better to do with their money. No, bargain hunters use sniping software to bid the price down as close as possible to zero minutes before an auction ends. So wait until the last minute, and you might get that new item for next to nothing!