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Is Luxury Vinyl Tile the Right Flooring Choice for Your Business


Nowadays there are so many flooring options available for homes and businesses.   However, it is important that you consider all of your options in order to choose the perfect flooring to suit your needs.  It is also important to choose the right company for the job.  For example, when you look at Mannington Commercial’s  LVT flooring reviews, you can see that they have a great selection of quality Luxury Vinyl Tile flooring that adds beauty and elegance to recommended spaces.

Luxury Vinyl Tile is so beautiful and makes the perfect option for retail and commercial spaces.  With high traffic flow, it’s important to choose a durable flooring.  LVT allows you to do this without losing beauty and style.

Luxury Vinyl Tile is also great for homes. My husband and I had our old home remodeled last year before putting it on the market, and chose Luxury Vinyl Tile for our kitchen and bathrooms because of its durability and water resistance.  We felt it gave us the best option and appearance of the look we wanted.  The floors were simple to install and came out beautifully!

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What is Luxury Vinyl Tile

Luxury Vinyl Tile or LVT flooring is a thicker version of vinyl flooring  and offers better durability and designs.  Designs and patterns on LVT is more realistic. These floors are perfect for high traffic areas that you want to keep looking their best.Many LVT floors are waterproof, which means they won’t buckle, warp or swell when exposed to water.


Luxury Vinyl Tile is more durable and thicker than than average vinyl flooring.  It is designed for withstanding scratches, wear and stains. Many have a lifetime warranty.

There are different standards of LVT.  Your top end products will resist scratches, scuffs, spills, dirt and stains better than its competitors. 


You can find Luxury Vinyl Flooring in Stone and Wood designs with textures that look realistic to the elements they mimic. 

Where to Install

LVT is perfect for high traffic and gathering spaces. They also work great in any room of your home or business.  They are perfect for bathrooms, meeting rooms, utility rooms and any area subject to moisture. It is best to use LVT on flat and level surfaces, but is not recommended for stairs.


Luxury Vinyl Tile is the perfect alternative to hardwood.  With the rising cost of wood these days, it’s comforting to know that there is a product that will give you the same authentic look of wood and be durable enough to withstand moisture better. Choose from realistic looking Walnut, Oak, Birch vinyl flooring, and other exotic wood looks. You can also find weathered and white washed looks.

LVT is a smart alternative to ceramic flooring. No more need to maintain cracks or grouting.  It is warmer,  softer and the styles and patterns available give your room a more luxurious appearance.  Get the look of slate, travertine or marble at a fraction of the cost.  There are also slate inspired options of Luxury Vinyl Tile.


Luxury Vinyl Tile is simple to install, and is user friendly for DIYers. Different flooring choices will give you different options of installation.  

Self adhesive options give you the option to reposition at any time, even long after the floor has been installed

Floating floors float above subfloors and are installed by interlocking.  No adhesive is needed for this type of flooring.

Glue Down installation requires a layer of troweled glue to be placed on the floor before applying the LVT planks.

If you are looking to give your commercial space or home a fresh new look, consider Luxury Vinyl Tile as a smart flooring alternative.  It will last a long time, give you peace of mind and offer comfort and durability.