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Skoolzy Enables Children to Design and Create

Keep little ones busy with three fun and colorful construction shaped pieces from Skoolzy.  These strong and durable pieces come housed in their own clear carrying box with handle to make them easy to take along anywhere you go, and to help make cleanup after play easy.

These Skoolzy toys are perfect for teaching shapes, colors and of course for helping kids with their fine motor skills.  It’s so fun to watch children use their imagination and create things like robots, vehicles, rockets, animals and more.  What’s even more wonderful is the sense of accomplishment they get from what they create.  

I use to love watching my son sit and create things from his construction toys.  The smile on his face and excitement he had when he showed me was so special.

You can purchase Skoolzy Jumbo Brain Building Toys for Kids along with other accessories by visiting:

Skoolzy’s Jumbo Brain Building Toys for Kids

Price: $21.97

These snowflake shaped pieces enable children to design and create simple shapes or complex structures using their imagination and creativity. Kiddos will use their fine motor skills to build anything from a rocket, to a flower, to a bird, or even a car! Good for the little engineer, creator or artist / sculptor and for pretend play. The set can also be used with other construction sets & kids building toys. Aged for 2 - 4-year-olds.