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The Greatest Gift for Cocktail Connoisseurs

Everyone tends to bring a bottle of wine or spirits, as a gift,  to their friends, colleagues, hosts or hostesses during the holidays or on special occasions.  While this is a very nice gesture, I have a great product that will kick that gift up a notch, as an accompaniment or on its own.

Introducing The Cocktail Box Co.  This company makes travel sized cocktail kits ins variety of your favorite cocktails. Currently, they have the following: 

The Old Fashioned

Champagne Cocktail

Moscow Mule

Gin & Tonic

Mai Tai




Each kit can make 3-6 cocktails and you just need to supply the spirits. They also include mini bar tools such as a muddler spoon, cocktail picks, and coaster. 

When you give these as gifts, your recipients will  have a fun experience with friends and family making cocktails. They are great either as a party favor, groomsmen gift,  for your guests or a way to entertain your guests without the need to hire a bartender. This has been especially popular with people having virtual happy hour meetings. In addition, The Cocktail Box Co. makes a variety of home bartender equipment and accessories. For more information you can visit our site below.  

These make great stocking stuffers for adults! Take some on vacation! They’re compact and user friendly.

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