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Come Join the Cubles Craze


Cubles are a unique mashup between origami, puzzle, toy, and craft, that promotes STEM principles. So kids are learning while creating playable and collectible characters. The best part is they have their own series of original IP characters as well as super cool licensed brands such as G.I. Joe, My Little Pony, Dogman, KiSS and more! To top it off, CUBLES are 100% recyclable, are a Restoration Partner with One Tree Planted, and are made-in-the-USA!

Not only is the product a great hands-on learning experience that opens the mind to dimensional play, but parents will also love that no glue or scissors are required. Kids of all ages will willingly want to be away from their screens to turn Cubles into something that starts flat and becomes a 3D creative experience which leads to a strong “Hey, I did that!” factor.

I was sent some Cubles to explore and create and had such a fun time making Max Meow.  The process is simple, but requires patience and I advise moving at a slow pace as you remove the perforated pieces.  
Available on Amazon (as an Amazon associate I receive a small incentive when purchase is made)
Also available at  Cubles website.

Check out my video as I build my Max Meow Cubles:


Cubles make great stocking stuffers for the holidays and great gifts for any child or adult who loves characters and creating things with their hands.  This is a fun STEM project for home schooling, and just an all around fun family project to enjoy.

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