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Coming-of-Age Film SAVING SLOANE Arriving on Digital and DVD October 26

The powerful coming-of-age family-film SAVING SLOANE is coming to On Demand, Digital and DVD October 26th from Lionsgate. The film follows a spoiled city girl named Sloane Emerson who gets in trouble yet again, her wealthy parents then send her off to the country. There, the rebellious teen ends up forming a bond with the last thing in the world she would've thought - a horse.

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and how Sloane realized her behaviors were wrong and how she grew as a person throughout the movie by surrounding herself with good people.  Her love for Glory was so beautiful to see.  This is a good movie for young adults.  It teaches lessons on being responsible, caring individuals.

Check out the trailer below

In this powerful coming-of-age tale, Sloane Emerson struggles to do right, but her high school friends are leading her into trouble. Frustrated, her stepmom sends Sloane to stay with family at a ranch in the country. There, Sloanefinds a kindred spirit in Glory, a horse with potential who’s hard to tame. Sloane bonds with Glory, but is horrified to learn that the creature will soon be sold. With time running out, Sloane makes a dangerous decision that could save – or threaten – both herself and Glory.