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Discover Weird But True! New York City


Whether you're a NYC native, an adventure-loving tourist, an armchair traveler, or a trivia buff, WEIRD BUT TRUE! NEW YORK CITY (National Geographic Kids Books, ages 8-11) is a fascinating and fun romp through the 5 boroughs. 

Do you love reading fun fact books? I love them. This book is packed with so many fun facts and vivid photos.  You will love discovering these strange but true facts about New York City. This makes a great gift for anyone on your gift list who loves to read, loves to travel and loves New York City.
  • Did you know that 25 species of shark swim off NYC's coastline?
  • ...Or that astronauts can see the lights of Times Square from space?
  • ...And get this: In New York, Sesame Street is a real place AND there's a library where you can visit the actual stuffed animals that inspired the characters in Winnie the Pooh!
Bright and browsable, Weird But True! New York Cityreveals little known and bizarre facts about the city's storied past, wild truths about present-day New York, and even introduces readers to a couple of goats that held up traffic on the subway. The city that never sleeps (and this book!) truly has something for everyone -- from giant pillow fights to epic Broadway musicals to pizza-loving rats. 

Check out this photo gallery for more wild facts about the city so nice, they named it twice!:


  1. This looks like a fun book. Would make a great Christmas gift.


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