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Emmerse Yourself in the Scents of the Seasons


If you are looking for high quality, hand-made luxury soaps and candles to gift this holiday,  or  if your are looking to bring the scents of the season to your home, Emmerse has an assortment of beautifully scented, hand poured soaps and candles that are perfect for you.

You deserve to relax and unwind at the end of the day.  Emmerse was born from the need of a mental health outlet for its founder, Val Barnett.  Since she loved to relax with candles herself, she started to make custom scents and hand made products to ease her own anxiety.

Each scent has its own personality and creates the perfect mood for you.

Emmerse candles and wax melts are made using 100% US grown soy wax and high quality scents. All candles feature different wicks and containers.

Check out my video showing some of the products available:



Val Barnett is the President and Chief Maker of Emmerse by Brave Sanity LLC.  In June 2020, Val created Brave Sanity LLC to encourage women and girls to place their sanity at the top of their priority list and to create a safe space to talk about mental health.  Coping with an anxiety disorder since she was 15 years old sparked her passion for mental health and her desire to help other women on their mental health journey.

Val created Emmerse as an outlet.  She used  candles to help relax so she started to make custom scented candles for others to enjoy as well.  From candles, the product line expanded to include bath/shower products, wax melts and diffusers