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Fun Party Games for Holiday Get Togethers from Regal Games

Family get togethers are always fun during the holidays. Here are some super fun games to enjoy with family and friends at your holiday get togethers and parties from Regal Games. They also make awesome family gifts.

Mexican Train Dominoes Double 15

My absolute favorite types of games are dominoes and card games.  To be specific Mexican Train Dominoes is definitely on top.  I got extremely excited when Regal Games sent me their Double 15 Mexican Train Dominoes set. It makes the game even more challenging and comes with 8 metal trains and a wooden hub.  It is neatly cased in a metal tin for easy traveling and storage.  You can play this with 2-8 players and it is recommended for ages 8 and up. 

The object of Mexican Train Dominoes is to be the first person to get rid of your dominoes.  What makes the game fun is that you can play off other players trains and if you are unable to make a move, your train gets locked until you can.

How to play

After Player 1 plays a domino on their train, it is Player 2's turn to play on their train. ... Each player, in turn, places a tile to make the trains longer and to try and empty their hand. When you cannot go you must draw one domino from the boneyard unless the boneyard is empty.


Regal Games Mega Game Pack

This game pack features all of the top card games available from Regal Games and they are so much fun!


Scorzo - The wild side of Rummy.  SCORZO brings a new strategy with every round.

Banapples - Race to plant all cards from your Seed Pile into the canopy. It’s a game with twists but no turns.

Canasta - Complex and addictively fun.  This is a classic game of strategy and fun for all ages.

The Goodge - Bid your way to victory! Will you risk it all? Do you have the cards and the skill to back it up?

Garbage - The game with lovable trash! Be the first to sort your cards in sequential order,

Spoons and a Spork - Collect four of a kind and race to scoop up the spoons.. but watch out for the spork!

Features & details

  • GAME NIGHT: Each game provides hours of fun for all ages, and makes for an excellent addition to your family game night collection
  • PORTABLE: Each playing card deck slots easily into the Mega Card game box so that you can easily take it with you on vacation, or to bring to a birthday party, sleepover, family reunion, or any other social gathering
  • COLORFUL DESIGN: Cards for all of the included games feature striking, vibrant colors and large easy-to-read numbers and symbols to keep gameplay smooth and accessible for both kids and adults
  • PERFECT GIFT: Mega card game pack makes for an excellent present for Birthdays, Christmas, Easter, New Year's, Anniversaries, and other special occasions

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