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Gifts for Every Unicorn Lover on Your Holiday List


Ever since I was a little girl, I have had a magical obsession with everything unicorn related.  These mystical beauties have always represented strength and beauty to me. If I see a movie, toy, shirt or book that has unicorns, I am automatically drawn to them. I love reading books about unicorns or that have unicorns in the story.  These books take me away to enchanted lands and far away magical worlds.  It’s nice to escape through books sometimes. They help you forget about your problems and worries, even if only temporarily.

I think another thing that has always drawn me to unicorns is the whole fantasy aspect. They always have positive vibes and are such beautiful creatures. If you love reading about unicorns too, I have a great site for you to check out below.

I have a best friend who also loves unicorns and is even more obsessed than I am! The photos above are from our trip to Toy Fair in NYC.  We flipped out when we saw this giant unicorn at the Schleich booth. Of course we had to pose with it!

I recently came across a site that is a unicorn lover’s dream. The site is  This wonderful site has a unicorn book store on the blog at with hundreds of unicorn books by hundreds of authors. The stores are categorized as Little Kid, Middle Kid; and Teen and YA books. She even has book reviews.

I always look for the perfect unicorn gifts for my bestie, and now that I found Sybrina’s site, she has made my life so much simpler! If you have unicorn lovers on your gift list this holiday, I highly recommend you visit this site.  I can totally see my bestie using this neck pillow on her next flight to visit me in NYC. 

Sybrina has a new Amazon Unicorn Reader tee shirt store featuring about 85 tee shirt designs for all ages.  You can find it at

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Unicorn lovers unite! Thanks to Sybrina’s website, it’s so much easier to browse for unicorn books for any age group. Be sure to subscribe to her blog by clicking the Feedspot link above.  This way you can get notified about any new unicorn books, gifts and shirts that are available.