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Give the Gift of Premium Wagyu Beef

One thing I never do during the holidays is skimp on quality.  I always serve the best of everything.  After all, it’s a celebration of family and friends and I want only the best for them.

Snake River Farms has top grade beef and pork products that are the highest quality in the United States.  Their meats are perfect for serving family and guests and also make wonderful holiday gifts that will be directly to your home or recipent’s home. 

About Snake River Farms

Snake River Farms and Double R Ranch are part of Agri Beef, a family-owned and operated business dedicated to producing the highest quality beef and pork in the United States. Founded in 1968 by Robert Rebholtz, Sr., Agri Beef started as a ranching and feeding operation and grown to incorporate every step of the beef lifecycle which includes ranching, cattle feeding, animal nutrition, and beef processing. This comprehensive approach ensures the products that arrive at your door are the best available.

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Snake River Farms focuses on quality for both the consumer and the animals. They have a strong focus on sustainability which includes implementing practices such as local crop sourcing, water reclamation and composting through every step of the beef lifecycle. 

Snake River Farms offers premium Wagyu beef products favored by world-class restaurants shipped right to your door. Snake River Farms offers a variety of meat cuts including steaks such as porterhouse and filet, as well as kurobuta pork.

Snake River Farms American Kobe (Wagyu) beef is in high demand and is regularly featured in Michelin starred restaurants. Snake River Farms uses the Japanese marbling scale to accurately measure the marbling in their celebrated beef, as it exceeds the standard for USDA Prime.

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  1. I've heard great things about wagyu beef but have never tried it. Definitely need to.


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