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New Doll Line For Keeps is a Holiday Gift with a Reminder

New Doll Line For Keeps

is a holiday gift with a reminder:


For Keeps is a new fashion doll brand with an inspirational message of positivity and self-empowerment. The doll was inspired by modern parents and the new aim of keeping their young children off screens and away from content that can have a negative impact on the young mind.

Each doll comes with accessories and a Cupcake Keepsake™

The For Keeps line includes: Mia the Veterinarian, Ella the Music Producer, Emma the Filmmaker, Bella the Journalist, Sophia the Choreographer, and last but not least London and Paris, the Creatrix Twins™

Each doll comes with a set of 20 Affirmation Stickers to keep the positivity going

For Keeps Fashion  Doll Line Launches with a Game Changing Blend of Fun, Positivity and Self-Empowerment Collectibles Company The Loyal Subjects Creates a Product Line With a Powerful Message – “You Are Love!”

I received a beautiful For Keeps Mia doll! She comes with her pet Roxy, her galaxy keepsake cupcake to hide special notes, fashion accessories and of course her positive affirmation stickers. These dolls make great gifts for any child on your holiday list and to remind them they are loved.

Collect all of the for Keeps dolls! Visit Amazon to purchase. (As an Amazon affiliate I receive a small incentive when you make a purchase)

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – (Aug 10th, 2021) – The Loyal Subjects™ (TLS) – a collectible toy company most recognized for its artful articulated licensed figures – has entered the Fashion Doll category with a completely fresh take…a GAME CHANGER. For Keeps™ is a new 6” fashion doll brand with great fashion play that carries a powerful message of positivity and self-empowerment.

The For Keeps™ concept was inspired by parents’ experiences with their young children, in particular the impact technology and social media have on kids’ perception of self-worth, gender stereotypes, and the imprinting of critical thought patterns by age4. “How can a 4-year-old girl be comparing herself to social media influencers flaunting extravagance?” and “Too much screen time is pulling away from the visceral, human engagement needed for developing brains and for honing social skills.”

From this inspiration, TLS Founder and CEO Jonathan Cathey had an idea: create a toy promoting positive messages and affirmations, meaningful validations to inspire and empower, building confidence and self-esteem while creating meaningful interaction in a safe, trusted, uninterrupted, non-judged way. Something ALL kids really want: To be heard! To feel good about themselves! To share! To feel important! All without adults interrupting, correcting, or changing their course of feelings. And so For Keeps™ was born. Said Cathey, “For Keeps is truly the first positive affirmation- and message-driven Fashion Doll – still filled with a ton of fashion play, but better!”

Characters in the For Keeps™ world are relatable, in contrast to the cool “Big Sister” or “Adults on the Town” from social media and TV that are reflected back in Fashion Dolls today. Rather than the “video-vixen,” For Keeps™ characters are decision makers in positions of power: a Filmmaker, a Journalist, a Veterinarian, a Music Producer, a Choreographer, and Creatrix Twins™ who run a cosmetics empire! The three call out buttons on the packaging “Aspire,” “Inspire” and “Affirm” share messages of “Aspire to Be!” “Inspire Others!” and “Build through Positive Affirmations, Acceptance and Encouragement!” The character designs are reflective of kids themselves – look into the mirror to find your hero, YOU!

For Keeps™ includes GREAT FASHION PLAY. Fun accessories include headbands, necklaces, bangles, handbags, laptops, cellphones, and a boombox. Each character has a secret message tee with powerful messages like “YOU ARE LOVE”, “YOU CAN DO IT”, and “YOU ARE AWESOME”. Kids can change outfits and shoes, and swap them between characters! Also included is a For Keeps™ memento: an autographed picture hidden away inside the packaging uncovering an intimate glimpse into the character’s world. For Keeps™ character Mia comes with her furry pal, Roxy! Twins London and Paris are accompanied by their pet cats, Sasha and Shadow. 

If you want to pose your character, you can: For Keeps™ is articulated, and includes a translucent stand for maximum posing.

Each For Keeps™ fashion doll includes the Cupcake Keepsake™, the ultimate note passing stash box! Who doesn’t like to pass notes? Why a cupcake? It’s great!