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Bake Me Healthy Subscription Boxes


Bake Me Healthy is a new purpose-driven baking subscription box that advocates for healthy baking with natural ingredients from small businesses.

I received my own box to review and love how the main healthy ingredients are assembled, along with a recipe card with image to help make the baked item.  It also gives a list of ingredients I need to add to the recipe. 

This is a fun way to try new healthy recipes and ingredients and learn to bake more healthy goodies.  

The Bake Me Healthy boxes are great for older children who love spending time in the kitchen.  Imagine the joy in their faces when they receive their new subscription boxes.  It’s a nice way to bond.

Bake Me Healthy is a woman owned business.  Learn about her:


·      Learn to bake delicious comfort treats with natural and organic ingredients, less sugar and plant-based food coloring.

·      We partner with small businesses with a focus on sustainability, women and BIPOC and teach subscribers how to bake better with these ingredients.

·      Our recipes are kid-tested and approved, making it the perfect gift for moms, dads and children as well as foodies.

·      Not only do families learn about baking healthy, but they also learn the importance of supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs.

·      With each box sold, a portion of the proceeds are invested in Hot Bread Kitchen, a non-profit that empowers women to obtain jobs in the culinary industry.