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Celebrate National Princess Day November 18th

National Princess Day is being celebrated November 18th. What a wonderful day to celebrate the special princesses in your life! 

Here are some ideas to help you celebrate this special day together. 

Have a Princess Theme Tea Party 

Tea parties are so much fun! Gather your favorite stuffed animals and favorite persons, and celebrate with a fun princess theme tea set. (Amazon affiliate link.  I receive a small incentive when purchase is made using this link) 

Make a special toast to your special princess with tea and cookies.

Build Beautiful 3D Princess Puzzles

BePuzzled has the most beautiful 3D puzzles. Enjoy these beautiful Princess Games puzzles with all those little princesses in your lives. Help make that day extra magical with one of their 3D crystal puzzles!  Choose from some of your favorite princess or items related to them, like Cinderella’s coach or glass slipper.  These beautiful puzzles are fun to build and so lovely to display.

Bake Princess Cookies

Gather up some fun princess and crown shaped cookie cutters and create princess cookies together! These beautiful cookie cutters will allow you to create princess gowns, castles, crowns, unicorns, and more. You will have so much fun in the kitchen baking and decorating these cookies together using the cutters.(Amazon Affiliate link.  I receive a small incentive when purchase is made using this link)

Watch Princess Movies

There are so many wonderful princess movies (Amazon affiliate link) to watch along with your little princess. Pull up a comfy seat and watch some of her favorites together. 

Play Dress Up

Gather up some pretty dresses and jewelry and play princess dress up! You can enjoy all of the activities above together in your princess outfits, together.  

Remember to remind your little princess how special they are on this special day!


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