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Fun Gifts for Traveling with Kids

Long car rides during the holidays can be daunting, but with a little bit of imagination and creativity, we can create fun ways to make the time pass in between naps and potty breaks.

Here are a few great ideas from University Games and Luki Lab to help pass the time during your hotel stops and car ride.  Your kids will be so busy having fun, they won’t have time to ask, “Are we there yet?”

Anti Monopoly Travel Tin

An update of the monopoly folk game invented by Elizabeth Magie 100 years ago. It's a twist right out of today's headlines: free market competitors clash with ruthless monopolists.

In Anti-Monopoly, players are divided into competitors and monopolists before the game starts. The two types of players then follow different rules in their quest for big money. It is this idea of movement and choice which allows Anti-Monopoly to be the first and only game in history which clearly distinguishes between the actions of competitors and monopolist.


Scavenger Hunt for Kids Tin

Scavenger Hunt for Kids Card Game Tin is the classic game of search and find. To play, turn over five cards and in two minutes, search the house for all sorts of fun stuff. Find a funny hat, a purple shirt, something round or an object that begins with the letter "B". Players get points for the stuff they find AND for putting it back in place. It's craziness and fun for the whole family!



Submarings by Clawsome! is a retro-cool, unplugged STEM authenticated game of skill, speed and science by using science's principle of "Bernoulli's Principle," Cool science aside, Submarings brings an exciting challenge to players of all ages, with no batteries required.

This was one of my favorite toys to play growing up. My brothers and sister and I use to take turns trying to get the little rings on the posts. It’s a great way to pass time. The object of the game is to get all of the rings on the posts. It’s challenging and so much fun.  Runs on water! No batteries needed.


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