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Gift ideas to Keep You and Your Loved Ones Active

Photo by Kamaji Ogino from Pexels

This holiday think of gifts that provide good health. Here are some fun and useful gift ideas to keep your recipients active in the new year.

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A few dumbbells go a long way when working out. A nice set of dumbbells with varying weights are great to have at home for a quick work out, especially when you can’t get to the gym.  Loose weights are nice because they can easily be taken from room to room, can be packed up to take on vacation and can even be taken to the office for a workout at break or before work.  I know lots of people who work out in their office during down time, even if it’s a light wrist curl.

Electric Bikes

Electric bikes are awesome and a great way to get in some exercise while getting to your destination, and with the price of gas lately, a smart investment.  Charge Bikes Electric Bikes has a great assortment of electric bikes for the entire family.  The convenience of pedal assist is especially nice for long distance rides and hills,  and for persons who really need it, due to arthritis or other injuries.  I especially like the comfort model for myself.  The city model is great for getting around in high traffic areas.  These bikes can travel up to 50 miles in between charges, and have a speed of up to 20 mph with pedal assistance.

Mini Trampoline

Small trampolines are fun for the entire family to work out with.  They are small, compact and easy to take from inside to outdoors and from room to room.  They are great for getting a lower body workout and improving balance. Kick your favorite exercise routine up a notch with a small trampoline. Models with handles are available for kids and adults who need the assistance. This is a great gift to keep the kids more active, and off the electronics.

Gym Membership

Gym memberships are a wonderful gift! For the price of a sweater, you can get your recipient a gift to use the entire year that will help them feel better, look better, reduce stress, and give them an outlet.  There are so many different gyms and memberships to choose from.  Give some workout motivation to someone you love,  and to yourself too!

Stretch bands

Stretch bands, or resistance bands, are a great way to get a work out.  Since my surgery this past summer, many of the exercises I do in physical therapy involve stretch bands and I get a really good work out from them.  They help strengthen your muscles to help prevent injuries and teach you proper form.  They add great resistance with their varying forces depending on the resistance of the band.  They’re great for upper and lower body workouts, super lightweight and easy to throw into a drawer, suitcase or briefcase.  You can buy sets of varying force bands for affordable prices.  Help improve mobility in your joints.  Bands have helped me tremendously these past 6 months, and continue to do so. 

Yoga Mat

Yoga Mats are functional in many ways.  They provide a non slip surface, are comfortable to stand on and lie on, and provide a clean, smooth surface indoors or outside for your workout. Yoga Mats are easy to transport and can also be used in a casual setting outdoors for relaxing at the park or even sun bathing.

Exercise Ball

Here’s a good way to get some stretching for your back and legs.  I love my exercise ball.  I do back stretches every day with mine. They can be used while sitting, lying down or standing. Many come with their own pump, which only takes a few minutes to do.  Look for a slip resistant ball for more stability. You can get a great workout with an exercise ball.  I did some classes when I was younger that looked so simple and by the time I was done, I was spent, and the next day my legs were jello.


  1. Great ideas! We're all about goood health in my family.

  2. The electric bikes are so popular now. A great way to get family to be active.


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