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Gifts for Babies and Toddlers


Gifts for babies and toddlers that will keep them comfortable, comforted, educated, and fashionable. 

Price: Starting at $20.00 - Carriers $84.00

A new mom’s outing wouldn’t be complete this fall without a gorgeous LoveHeld Baby Carrier! Chic and so on-trend, the slings blend effortlessly with neutral colors. A busy mom of five created the brand, then sewing each item herself at home. The gorgeous colors are a lovely complement to fall fashions and make a perfect holiday and baby shower gift. Soft linen bedding, blankets, throws, swaddles, and loveys round out the offerings at LoveHeld - through each of life’s stages.

Price: Starting at $20.00 - Carriers $84.00

Price: Item starting at $5.00

This heritage-focused brand inspires the youngest generation to be proud of who they are and where they come from at the earliest age. Ojala Threads’ design of the super-soft baby bodysuits that serve a dual purpose - clothing babies in adorable outfits and representing their heritage and identity. This unique brand features non-toxic water-based inks, premium fabric, lead-free snaps, flexible shoulders for easy removal, and generous sizing guaranteed to last longer as baby grows. 

Price: Starting at $5.00

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Edx Education has offered hands-on, award-winning educational tools for classrooms for over two decades. Now, with more families homeschooling, the trusted brand continues to help with school readiness by offering high-end toys for home use. This couldn’t come at a better time! Unstructured play is so important to a child’s cognitive development, and the offerings from Edx Educational go a long way in helping the next generation blossom into the best they can be. It’s amazing to see how concrete, fun, and structured materials help with developing motor skills and enhance brain development.

Price: Starting at $18.99

Bunnies By The Bay

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Bunnies By The Bay provides timeless gifts for children with a soft bunny touch. From lovies and buddy blankets to adorable stuffed animals and books, their gifts will be cherished “hareloom” possessions. An added touch of personalization with an embroidered name makes the gifts even more special.

Price: Starting at $12.00


The swaddle industry has changed for the better thanks to Woombie. It’s the safest, most natural way to swaddle a baby. Invented by Karen, a mom of five, registered nurse, and certified infant care specialist, she continues to raise awareness of the dangers of loose blankets and SIDS. She created the Woombie (the original peanut-shaped no-wrap swaddle) 15 years ago and has since designed over 200 safe sleep products.

Price: Starting at $28 with multiple options
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