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Gifts TCM Classic Movie Fans will Love

I love old movies, musicals and the great classics. TCM (Turner Classic Movies) has a great lineup of movies every single day and you can check out their monthly lineup online, so you know when your favorites will be on.  With the holidays coming they are sure to have some of your old favorites.  Speaking of holidays, TCM has a great selection of gifts, including a wine subscription that features famous scenes of classic movies. Check out the selection of great gifts available on the TCM shop.  I’ve put together a few of my favorite gift ideas below.

Sip and Watch with TCM’s Wine Club 

Description: Uncork the fun of movies and wine! The TCM Wine Club brings the best wines from around the world straight to your door and every bottle is paired with a classic film seen on TCM. Plus, receive exclusive movie-themed wines in every case! Discover Blockbuster reds, Showstopping Whites, or the Perfect Mix. The choice is yours.

Check out this bottle of Elvis themed wine I received.  You can get one too as one of the three bonus classic movie wines that is sent as a special welcome with your order!



Dark City: The Lost World of Film Noir (Revised and Expanded Edition) by Eddie Muller

Description: This revised and expanded edition of Eddie Muller's Dark City is a film noir lover's bible, taking readers on a tour of the urban landscape of the grim and gritty genre in a definitive, highly illustrated volume.

MSRP: $30.00 



The Essential Directors: The Art and Influence of Cinema’s Most Celebrated Filmmakers by Sloan De Forest

Description: For well over a century, those who create motion pictures have touched our hearts and souls; they have transported and transformed our minds, intoxicated and entranced our senses. One artist's vision is the single most prominent force behind the scenes: the director. The Essential Directors illuminates the unseen forces behind some of the most notable screen triumphs from the aesthetic peak of silent cinema through the New Hollywood of the 1970s. Considering each artist's influence on the medium, cultural impact, and degree of achievement, Turner Classic Movies presents a compendium of Hollywood's most influential filmmakers, with profiles offering history and insight on the filmmaker's narrative style, unique touches, contributions to the medium, key films, and distinctive movie moments to watch for. The work of these game-changing artists is illustrated throughout by more than 200 full-color and black-and-white photographs.

MSRP: $25.99



TCM Black and White Coffee Mugs

Description: Take after your favorite TCM personality with one of the official TCM mugs. Enjoy a cup or two of your favorite hot beverage and share your love of all things classic.

MSRP: ($18.99 - $25.99)


Check out the great items I received from the TCM Shop, including some of my favorites from above!

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