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Handy Band Face Masks Make a Great Gift for Everyone


Do you sometimes find yourself without a mask when you want to enter an establishment that requires one? Here is a great solution.

Handy Bands make the perfect gift for everyone this holiday season!

Handy Bands were created to encourage people to move forward from the pandemic. This patent-pending mask converts to a wristband making it the most functional mask on the market. Aside from functionality, this new line is 100% cotton and completely biodegradable, making it easy on our faces and the environment! Handy Band’s new plant based buttons are also made from palm tree seeds ensuring no plastic ends up in landfills or oceans. How awesome is that! 

Handy Bands retail for $8 at  

These make great stocking stuffers! I received a couple of samples to try out.  They are super comfortable and easy to breathe in.  They stay snug on my face and also stay comfortably on my wrist when not in use.  I always loop my mask on my arm when I leave the house.  This is an even better solution for me and I love how it looks in my wrist.

You can find more about  Handy Band by visiting