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How Not To Eat Japan’s Soul Food


Japan is such a beautiful country, rich in culture with spectacular cuisine and rich traditions.

As you travel the different regions of Japan you will find many wonderful culinary hotspots that offer unique foods and traditional foods with a new modern flair.

One of the popular area gems is Ehime, located in the northwestern part of Shikoku. It is characterized by its beautiful, mountainous terrain as part of the coastline. Ehime is an island just off of Japan's main island Honshu.Ehime's warm weather and their traditional style towns and buildings, make Ehime a great place to go to experience Japanese culture and history.

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Ehime is one of the culinary hotspots of Japan, tucked away in the Setouchi region. Best known for its famed Shimanami Kaido cycling path and abundance natural spectacular wonders, its local food scene is bubbling lately with creative spins on traditional specialities. One that never goes out of style is Japan’s classic soul food dish, Imabari yakibuta tamago meshi and it’s making its rounds on the restaurant scene.

Created 40 years ago as a quick meal for chefs at an Imabari restaurant because it was delicious, cheap, fast and filling, it rapidly became a popular menu staple but there are some serious rules that go along with it.

DON’T overcook the Yakibuta strips of grilled pork or the eggs

RATHER, DO place it gently on steamed rice and top it with 2 runny, sunny side ups

DON’T use soy sauce

RATHER, DO add sweet and sour sauce

DON’T use a regular spoon

RATHER, DO use a Chinese spoon

DON’T eat each item separately

RATHER, DO make a messy mixed blend and eat it all together, the runny yolk blending with the sauce coating all of the morsels

Setouchi is the soothing side of Japan, the authentic network of seven interconnected seaside prefectures deeply rooted in culture and tradition. For more information and details on culinary experiences, wellness ideas, adventure prospects and beyond, please visit