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More Great Gifts Ideas For the Foodies and Cooks

I have some more great gift ideas for the cooks and bakers in your life that I personally love.  They are items that will help out in the kitchen to help improve cooking skills.

The MeatStick Mini

Achieve meat perfect with the MeatStick Mini, the smart wireless meat thermometer that aid in helping you cook steakhouse and fine quality meals at home.

Whether you’re a bbq pit master or an at home cook, this MeatStick Mini will help you cook every day meals to perfection and it doesn’t take up a lot of room in the kitchen like other bulky meat thermometers.

Mini Set Features.jpeg

The MeatStick Mini has become a cult-favorite kitchen gadget because: 
  • Its mini size makes it suitable for any cut of meat.
  • It’s engineered to withstand any type of cooking – from grilling and smoking to sous-vide and more.
  • It monitors the full cook via The MeatStick App from wherever you are.
  • It makes overcooking no longer an option in the kitchen!
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The Spice Lab

The Spice Lab has five different Seasoning Collections that make great gifts including the new Fiesta of Flavors with four of our most popular Mexican seasonings and a gift set of four variations of Everything+ bagel topping mix – original, jalapeno, sun-dried tomato and  scallion.  See to learn more.

Also available is the Sea Gourmet Salt Sampler.  
I received this set and I love it.  There are so many unique salt blends that I’ve never tried before.  I can’t wait to season my steak with some Port Wine Seasoning salt blend. Learn more about this and the other blends below.  These salts come uniquely housed In corked glass vials that are displayed in a wooden holder that is beautiful to display on your counter top.

  • GOURMET SALT COLLECTIONS: These Gourmet Salt & Seasoning Sampler Collections come in 7 and 11 tube sets. Each set makes a perfect gift quirky gift for scientists, gourmet chefs and beginners alike.
  • GOURMET SET OF 7: This gourmet salt sampler includes 6 salts and 1 salt-free seasoning: Cyprus Citron Lemon Salt (Flake) Herbs de Provence, Port Wine Salt, Hudson Valley Salt, Tropical Hibiscus Salt, Himalayan Pink Salt (Fine) and Smoked Ghost Pepper Salt.
  • GOURMET SET of 11: This gourmet salt sampler includes 9 premium salts from around the world ,1 salt-free seasoning and 1 blend: Hawaiian Black Lava Salt, Herbs de Provence, Ginger Chili, Smoked Ghost Pepper Salt, Cyprus Lemon Salt (Flake) Himalayan Pink Salt (Fine), - Cyprus Citron Lemon Salt (Flake), Port Wine Salt, Japanese Curry, Himalayan Pink Salt (Fine), Peri Peri Spice Blend, Hudson Valley Salt and Tropical Hibiscus Salt.
  • STYLISH KITCHEN DECOR: Made with Pyrex glass test tubes combined with a sleek, sustainable bamboo base, both salt sampling collections are truly a one-of-a-kind. Discover the exotic taste of salts sourced from all over the world with this unique collection. 
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Both gourmet gift sets include premium, all-natural ingredients. These rare salts are of the highest quality—the best salts you can find on the market today. Herbs de Provence is a classic salt-free French seasoning, and Peri Peri Spice Blend is sour, sweet and slightly spicy. All samplings are all-natural, gluten-free, kosher and non-GMO.
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Embossed Pin Rolling Pin

Take your baking and cooking to a whole new level with Embossed Pin.  These beauty embossed rolling pins are available in an assortment of designs including:

  • Hearts
  • Leaves
  • Snowflakes
  • Paw Prints 
  • Paisley
  • Roses
  • Reindeer

I received a snowflake designed pin and it is so beautiful! It is display worthy! The rolling pin is so simple to use and makes your baking look like it was done by a professional.  Imagine the look on your family and friends faces when you give them beautifully baked goods with these embossed patterns on them!

Learn More

Want to bring some cheer to someone who loves baking? Gift them one of these embossed rolling pins! These beautiful rolling pins are perfect for more than just cookies and pies. Use these new rolling pins for cakes and other sweets or for savory items like homemade noodles or pasta. You can also use these rolling pins to work with clay and other art mediums.

Imagine being able to easily give your pottery a beautiful decorative texture in seconds. All of these rolling pins are made from 100% pure high-grade solid beech wood. They are also 100% food-safe and free of BPA or any other toxic substances. They are sold exclusively online and ship quickly from the United States to anywhere in the world. 

Purchase and more information:

Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Revival Almond Butters

Revival Food Co, is a craft almond butter company based in Indianapolis but distributed nationally. They’ve  been featured in PopsugarMy RecipesParade, and Reader's Digest

These craft almond butters come in delicious unique flavors that are sure to please any palate. I was sent an assortment of flavors to sample and I love them all.  I’m especially fond of the Coconut  and Cacao blend.


The whole reason we started Revival was because there wasn't enough QUALITY stuff on the shelves, and if there was it resembled cardboard. From the get-go, we've been after an almond butter mixture that makes you feel as good as it tastes. No sugar, GMO, or palm oils, just nutrient-dense superfoods, sustainably sourced almonds, handmade hustle and a fun brand to back it up. 

As we head into the holiday season, gifting of all kinds is about to blow up. Year-round but especially now, people are trying to surprise and delight loved ones with something different. We feel 110% confident in saying if you have a foodie friend, they'll love receiving our almond butters. With flavors like rosemary and maca, sea salt and vanilla, coconut and cacao, we're not looking to be another boring pantry staple, but rather something you feel excited to whip out and eat straight from the jar or experiment in the kitchen.

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Discover delicious flavors that will enhance your cooking and get inspired to prepare healthy Asian and Thai meals with Mekhala pastes, sauces and seasonings.

I received some samples of the pastes and they smell so wonderful. I can’t wait to make a stir fry with the Miso Ginger paste!

Mekhala Living Facts:

- Organic, all-natural, vegan friendly ingredients

- Exciting Asian flavor combination

- Environmentally friendly production process

- Founded and Operated by women

- Life changing opportunities for young students in Southeast Asia 


After failing to find quality, natural products for her family and clients of her retreat in Chiang Mai, Thailand, my co-founder Jang Bauerle and I teamed up to found Mekhala. As a new, working mother, I had little time to cook, but wanted fresh, healthy, home-made meals for my family and myself. I was frustrated with all the artificial additives and preservatives, and the high amounts of sugar in most Asian store-bought products. Together with my sister and Chief Sauceress, Diane, we created a range of yum products, inspired by the vegan meals at the retreat, for ourselves and our customers. After all, why can't life be delicious, easy and healthy?

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