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O CHRISTMAS TREE! What to Look For When Choosing Your Tree (EXPERT TIPS)


The holiday season is right around the corner! shared what to know when choosing what real Christmas Tree to bring home. 


What To Look For In A Tree

Fresher is better…it is important to be sure your tree is fresh-cut. If possible, go to a “cut your own” Christmas tree farm. If you get a tree delivered or shipped, try to find out if it is a fresh-cut tree and sent as soon as it’s cut. The bottom line is you do not want a tree cut 2 or 3 weeks before you buy it. Fresh cut trees will provide an aroma that adds to your Christmas pleasure, too.


What Kind Of Tree

Short, stout needles and sturdy branches are perfect when you are hanging decorations.  Trees such as balsam fir, Douglas fir, Fraser fir, white spruce, Norway spruce, and Scots pine are tried and true selections.


Tips To Keep Your Tree Alive And Thriving 

The single most important consideration for the care and longevity of your tree is water. When you get your tree home, cut about ½” of the trunk off and get it in the stand as soon as possible. Check the tree daily by bending a needle or two, if the needle is flexible and moves without breaking all’s well, if the needle snaps when you bend it, the tree has dried out you’re going to have a significant fire hazard not to mention a mess when you take the tree down.  Lights can add to the problem of drying due to the heat they emit, but the newer LED lights reduce this issue. LEDs also reduce fire hazards.


How To Dispose When Christmas Is Over 

Hopefully, you can dispose of your tree by recycling.  Many communities set aside a day for this and have a tree chipper available for chipping the trees that will turn the trees into woodchip mulch.  If not and you burn wood, use the tree as kindling and fuel.


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  1. I love going to pick out my own tree but this year where money is tight, I am pulling out the old fake tree.
    @tisonlyme143 But I do love tree farms.


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