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Pockimals are Little Friends Who are Made for Little Hands and Big Hearts


We all need a little friend by our side. Someone to snuggle when we are feeling down, or someone to play with and take along anywhere we go.  Pockimals are the perfect combination of both.

Pockimals are a new kind of stuffed animal! They are equipped with buttons that secure directly on their custom-designed clothing pockets making them impossible to lose. All apparel is produced with soft cotton to ensure children's comfort and happiness. 

Pockimals was imagined by friends who wanted to create the best children's toy to enhance creativity and focus on the magic of childhood. Their goal is to make fun, comfortable, high-quality products for children. Made for little hands and big hearts!

The Pockimals apparel is available in many colors and sizes.  There are also many different animals to choose from.  Which will you choose?

These make adorable gifts for any occasion.  Whether it’s for a baby shower, birthday party or holiday gift, any recipient will love their Pockimals.



  1. these are so cute.... I could see my great niece with them. She likes pockets in her clothes and these would fit

  2. Aww... these are so cute. I especially like the little unicorn :)

  3. So cute! My kids would love these!

  4. Awww these are so cute. I just love the pig!!


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